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IBM4019 Printer Program for software listings. Runs under OS/2 only.
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IBM4019 Printer Program for software listings. Runs under OS/2 only.
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Contents of the README file

Phil Callihan
Duck Run Electronics
5332 Adventure Drive
Dublin, OH 43017
CompuServe (72617, 3620)

Date: 17 January 1990

OS2 IBM4019 Laser Printer Program

This is a printer program that we use to assist in
developing software and to deliver source code documentation
to our customers. The program accepts multiple file names
with paths to different directories and uses the command
line wild cards '*' and '?'. The files are sorted by name,
printed, and a index listing is produced for the print out.

This program uses the Courier 17.1 font in the
portrait orientation. Each page printed contains a header,
66 lines of text, and a footer. The default page width is
124 characters. The top and bottom are 1/2 inch from the
papers edge. The right margin is 1 inch from the papers
edge to allow the use of a three ring binder. The left
margin is 1/4 inch from the papers edge.

The header is printed with double strike, double
height, and double width characters. The header can contain
a company name line and a project title line. The header
will always have the name of the file being printed on a

The text is printed 66 lines per page without any
special printer characteristics. This provides a very
legible listing and still allow rooms to make notes or
comments on the paper while using the print out. Tabs are
expanded into spaces by the program. The tab expansion is
based on the files extension unless a program user overrides
this with a command line switch. This program expects .c
and .h files to use a tab size of 3 and all other extension
use a tab size of 8. This is easily changed with the source
code or the clever use of a Norton utility.

The footer is printed with the double strike
characters. The footer will always print "n page of m
pages" for each file being listed. The n denotes the
current page of the file and m denotes the last page of the
file. If the index command line switch is set the footer
with print a master index page number of each page printed.
After the files are printed and index is produced that
allows the files to be found quickly.

The index is printed with a header, text, and footer as
described above. The text in the index contains an index
page number for the first page of the file, the file name,
the number of pages in each file, the file's size, the
file's disk allocation, and the date the file was last

The program has several command line options. The
options are set using the '-' character as a switch. The
options are:
-c - Company name to be used in header,
-p - Project title to be used in header,
-i - Produce index,
-d - Use an Alternate output device,
-q - Query for company name and project title,
-t - Tab conversion size,
-w - Set print width to 132,
-s - Silent don't verify printing requirements
-u - Usage - produce program description.
Upper or lower case characters are accepted as switch
arguments. An example of this program use could be:

ibmcute -ic "Duck Run Electronics" -p"IBM4019 Printer Program Source Code" g:\ibmcute\source\*.c g:\ibmcute\include\*.h

This command line would use "Duck Run Electronics" as the
company name, "IBM4019 Printer Source Code" as the project
title, and produce an index.

I use the program on OS2 version 1.1 and 1.2. The
program will work with the HPFS, but it treats the files as
though the were from a FAT file system. The program will
not work in the DOS mode because threads are used to hurry
things up. I hope the program is as useful to you as it is
to us. With the IBM4019 speed it is no longer painful to
get a good looking program listing. Good job IBM!

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