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OS/2 MPU driver v1.03 -Small enhancement to allow driver to coexist with DOS MPU apps. under OS/2 v2.0.
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OS/2 MPU driver v1.03 -Small enhancement to allow driver to coexist with DOS MPU apps. under OS/2 v2.0.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Generic MPU-401 Device Driver
Copyright (C) 1990-1992, Delta Music Systems

Welcome to the start of a new era: MIDI for the most powerful operating
system available for the personal computer - OS/2. This Device Driver
will allow MIDI applications to be developed for, or ported to, OS/2 with
a bare minimum of effort. The driver allows full access to the
capabilities of the MPU-401 standard established by Roland.

If you want to get started, read the INSTALL.DOC file for installation

As an end-user, you will find that this is the beginning of a wonderful
relationship. With the capabilities of OS/2, such tasks as managing your
equipment, sequencing your favorite jams, and managing those hot sounds
will be easier than ever before. Of course, this is only the beginning.
We have enclosed a few utility programs, and we're working feverishly to
develop a new set of applications - programs that are designed specifically
for OS/2. If you would like to receive information as these products are
made available, please fill out and return the registration form (see the

To promote OS/2 as the MIDI environment of the future, we are distributing
this Device Driver as "FreeWare". The driver, the utility programs, and all
the documentation are held under copyright to Delta Music Systems; however,
this entire package may still be distributed free of charge. This driver
may not be bundled with any commercial product without permission from
Delta Music Systems. If you are interested, please write to the address

If you are a developer, you will be interested to know that we have
integrated some of the advanced features of OS/2 into the driver. Most are
transparent to the application (except where it simplifies data handling),
and other features are available through our MPU interface library (see the
file ORDER.FRM). For information on using the basic commands via the OS/2
API, see the file PROGRAM.DOC.

The included utility programs were written only to support the device
driver - these are not intended as end-user applications. The programs

MPURESET: Resets the MPU Interface to its "power-up" defaults.

MPUREC: Records music for later playback via MPUPLAY. Allows two optional
parameters: -d to display the data being recorded, and a filename
to store the data in.

MPUPLAY: Play the music recorded by MPUREC. One song is provided, "The
Swan" be Saint-Saens. Brought to OS/2 from a Cakewalk version
performed by David Chaloux. MIDI Channel 3 is piano, 2 is cello.

MPUINFO: Display information from the interface and device driver.

MIDIDUMP: Display a hex dump of the data arriving at the interface.
Takes one parameter: -e to turn on echoing of the data.

MTDUMP: A multi-threaded version of MIDIDUMP.

Delta Music Systems does not support the art of VaporWare. The recent trend
of announcing products years before they are ready is abhorrent. We will not
announce products that only exist on paper. We aim for zero-defect code.
If you find any errors in any Delta Music Systems product, please let us
know so we may correct it immediately.

Thank you,

Delta Music Systems
2615 Ginghamsburg-Frederick Rd.
Tipp City, OH 45371

OS/2 is a trademark of International Business Machines, Incorporated
Cakewalk is a trademark of Twelve Tone Systems

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