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OS/2 PM Alarm Clock, reminder of events (meetings, etc.).
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OS/2 PM Alarm Clock, reminder of events (meetings, etc.).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALARMCLK.EXE 71168 33512 deflated
ALARMCLK.HLP 17253 10512 deflated
ALARMCLK.INF 16481 10123 deflated
SETCLK.EXE 3103 1925 deflated
SETCLK.TXT 679 378 deflated
TST.CMT 88 87 deflated

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Contents of the SETCLK.TXT file

I found that a bug in 6.177 will occasionally create new icons outside the
normal screen area. If you closed Alarmclock when scrolled off the screen
the saved settings will cause the program to fail on subsequent startups.
SETCLK.EXE will reset the position to the lower left corner of the screen
so that you can reuse the program.

In addition the DeskTop Shell maintains the starting location.To clear
this you will need to delete the icon object for AlarmClock and do a
system shutdown so that OS2.INI is cleared of the startup information.
Then create a new ICON object and restart the program.Drag the window
to the desired location and save the new settings.

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