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This is an OS/2 PM BioRhythm program from the 1.2 SDK.
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This is an OS/2 PM BioRhythm program from the 1.2 SDK.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIO 610 332 deflated
BIO.C 5418 1978 deflated
BIO.DEF 494 274 deflated
BIO.EXE 43520 23662 deflated
BIO.H 1266 486 deflated
BIO.ICO 1056 163 deflated
BIO.RC 3709 993 deflated
BIOCMD.C 6315 2007 deflated
BIOPAINT.C 9409 3261 deflated
README 1172 657 deflated
WNDPROC.C 17742 5083 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Comments about BIO

When you first enter the BIO program, you should enter your birthdate;
then click the "Ok" button. If you hit after entering an input
line, it will actually start the program, but probably not with the
parameters you want. Options can be changed with (Options...Dates)
and recorded in OS2.INI for automatic recall when the program is run

There is also a "Legend" option, which allows you to examine the legend
of the biorhythm chart; and you can use the scrollbar to view biorhythms
for the past and the future.

The program illustrates handling the mouse/keyboard interface, managing
dialog box input, system proportional font handling, use of child windows,
scroll bars, memory bitmaps, copying bitmaps to the clipboard, using the
OS2.INI file, accelerator keys, and subclassing the frame to modify its

File List:

READMEthis file
BIO.Cmain() routine
BIO.DEFDefinition file
BIO.HHeader file (definitions)
BIO.ICOIcon file
BIO.RCResource file
BIOCMD.CDialog procedures
BIOPAINT.CWM_PAINT processing, date conversion routines
WNDPROC.CWindow procedures

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