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Virtual ASPI driver for OS/2 (beta).
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Virtual ASPI driver for OS/2 (beta).
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Virtual ASPI driver (VASPI.SYS) BETA release #1 (12/13/93).


The ASPI support currently embedded within OS/2 2.1 allows any OS/2
application to send commands to a SCSI device. However there are
a large number of DOS and Windows applications that are could be
supported if there commands were routed to OS2ASPI.DMD

VASPI.SYS is a virtual device driver that will allow DOS applications
to issue SCSI commands that will be handled by OS2ASPI.DMD. If you
have an existing DOS ASPI application it should now be able to run
in a virtual DOS session under OS/2 2.1.

**** NOTE ****
There is currently NO support for the ASPI for Windows specification
that uses WINASPI.DLL as its primary interface. Support for these
applications may be added in the future, but until then only
Windows applications that support the DOS interface should be tested.

Installation Instructions

1) Install OS/2 2.1 on your system
2) Make a backup copy of the file OS2ASPI.DMD. This should be found
in the \OS2 directory on your boot drive.
3) Copy the new VDD aware version of OS2ASPI.DMD into the \OS2 directory.
4) Copy the file VASPI.SYS into the directory \OS2\MDOS on your boot drive.
5) Update CONFIG.SYS as follows:
a) Make sure the line BASEDEV=OS2ASPI.DMD is present somewhere
in the file.

b) Add the line DEVICE=C:\OS2\MDOS\VASPI.SYS to the bottom of
the file. If your boot drive is NOT C:, use the appropriate
letter instead.

6) Shutdown your system and reboot.
7) Open a DOS window or DOS fullscreen and run your ASPI application.

Beta Test Feedback

When you find a problem with VASPI.SYS, please send a description of
it to Adaptec so that we can attempt to reproduce it. Please describe
the exact steps required to reproduce your problem and include any
screen dumps from the system where the problem occurred.

There are several methods available for reporting problems:

1) The Adaptec BBS. The BBS can be reached at (408) 945-7727 and supports
upto 14.4K baud with 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit. Please send
a message to the user VASPI_BETA.

2) Internet. You can send problem reports to the user [email protected].

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