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OS/2 1.3/2.0 Screen saver. Supports many cards. German.
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OS/2 1.3/2.0 Screen saver. Supports many cards. German.
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Contents of the LICENSE.TXT file


This program/these programs can be used freely for private or
educational purposes. If you want to use them for commercial purposes,
please contact the author. You may redistribute this software only if
all files from my original distribution are included unchanged. You may
only add readable documentation files, such as a BBS signature, and only
if they are marked prominently as additions. If you want to include any
part of the orignal distribution with other software, please contact the
author before.

If you think that the programs are useful and that they make your daily
work with OS/2 easier, any donation is welcome. You will then become a
"registered" user, and will be notified of newer releases (and get it
free, if you are reachable via e-mail or have FTP). But nobody is
required to register. I will fix bugs (if possible) and may assist to
solve problems reported by any user, as my time permits.

Suggestion, if you want to register: if you have written some shareware

for OS/2 yourself, send me a copy (or tell me where I may find it) and
register me for free. You are then registered for this software free
of charge too.

There is no warranty. Use this software on your own risk. Due to the
complexity and variety of today's hardware and software which may be
used to run these programs, I am not responsible for any damage or loss
of data or hardware failures or other damage caused by correct or
incorrect use of this software. It was tested very well and is expected
to work correctly, but nobody can actually guarantee this under any
circumstances. And because this software is essentially free (even if
you register, you don't pay for using this software but for the service
of getting upgrades), you get what you pay for ...

Author: Kai Uwe Rommel
Zennerstrasse 1
D-8000 Muenchen 70

Phone: +49 89 723 4101
Fax: +49 89 723 7889

E-mail: [email protected]

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