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OS/2 2.X PM based Mac-like trash can. Doesn't delete files until you empty the trash. Beta version but works flawlessly. Note: requires EMX runtime modules to execute (included in .ZIP file).
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OS/2 2.X PM based Mac-like trash can. Doesn’t delete files until you empty the trash. Beta version but works flawlessly. Note: requires EMX runtime modules to execute (included in .ZIP file).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The Trashcan by GM-Software.
Version 0.81

At last! For more than a year all of us OS/2'ers have had to put up with
the evil shredder that is able to vipe out months of work in seconds. Now
I will deliver you from this evil and present you with this magnificent
piece of software : A TRASH CAN for OS/2!

Seriously :
About six months I tried to get the WPS-programming gurus to make
a trash can, just like the mac's. Since none of them seemed to go for it, I had
to make it myself, and here it is. The trashcan appears as a WPS object and
acts pretty much like the mac's trashcan with 'full' and 'empty' icons. As
for the icons, they are much prettier (I think) than the mac's but they don't
excactly work a 100% correctly. But because it works ok I decided to release
this feature anyway. There is a 'empty trash' option on the context menu.
The trash can _will_ delete undeletable objects (be careful) and readonly
files. There is a page in the settings notebook to turn the different confirmations
I consider this as a sort of pre-beta. It seems to work ok, but has
not been tested enough and is not full-featured. A later version will hopefully
have 100% working dual icons and ability to change icons.
This is the second version I release. I have still not managed to add
multithreading, but I hope to get this working RSN.
Please email your bug-reports, thanks, suggestions (of both new features
and new WPS objects) to : [email protected]

Files included :
trashcan.cmd - install program
trashcan.dll - executable (sort of) - this file - the emx dlls.

Installation :
Install the emx dlls according to the docs. Then run trashcan.cmd,
which will copy trashcan.dll to the \os2\dll directory and create the
trashcan object on your desktop. A later version will not require the emx

Note : The install program is _not_ my work. Instead of reinventing
the wheel, I stole it from the author of blackhole, Greg Czaja.

Known bugs :
I know that the 'confirm on trashing objects' feature works in a stupid way,
asking you for each object if you trash several. You will probably want to leave
this setting off.

Conditions of use :
The use of this piece of software is entirely at your own risk! I shall
NOT be held responsible for any damages caused by this software. The use
of this version of the trashcan is free of charge.

Conditions of distribution :
You may freely distribute this version of 'trashcan' under the following
conditions :
- the distributed archive must contain all of the files listed above and
none other.
- the files must NOT be modified.
- NO fee is to be charged, except for media.

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