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Lharc for OS/2 version 2.22.
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Lharc for OS/2 version 2.22.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

LH/2 V2.22 release notes, Wed 03-03-1993

The 'E' command has been added. It is an alias for the 'X' command
(extract files).

If many filenames without wildcards were specified, lh would gobble up
file handles, and abort with an error message "too many open files".

This also caused the M)ove command to fail to erase those files
explicitly listed on the command line (files that are open can not be
erased). Fixed.

LH/2 V2.21 release notes

Fix problem with decompressing old style -lh1- archives. This problem
only occurred in the 32 bit version.

LH/2 V2.20 release notes
Please see LH2.INF for full documentation. This is a standard OS/2
"BOOK". You view it using VIEW.EXE. For example:


For compatibility with old versions, select either LH16.EXE (for all
versions of OS/2) or LH32.EXE (for OS/2 2.0 os/2 only) and rename it to
LH.EXE. This will allow any batch files or programs, that called
versions prior to this one, to work properly.

The MSE.CMD file assumes that SE.EXE is in the current directory. You
may wish to change it if you store SE.EXE somewhere else. For example,
assume that you store your utilities (such as LH.EXE, SE.EXE and
MSE.CMD) in your D:\UTILITY directory. You may wish to change
MSE.CMD thus:

@echo off
if "%1"=="" goto USAGE
copy /b D:\UTILITY\se.exe+%1.lzh /b %1.exe && echo %1.EXE has been created.
goto end
echo Usage: MSE [lzh file]
echo Do NOT speficy .lzh extension.

The self-extraction module (SE.EXE) is a 16 bit OS/2 program. This is
so that all OS/2 users will be able to extract any SE-lzh's you create.

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