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Finally, a clone of LIST.COM for OS/2 text mode. Nicely done. Seems to run best in full screen even though it will run in a PM window.
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Finally, a clone of LIST.COM for OS/2 text mode. Nicely done. Seems to run best in full screen even though it will run in a PM window.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

LST: A File Viewing Utility for OS/2 Protected Mode
Version 1.02
13 September 1989

(c) Copyright Brady Flowers, 1989
All rights reserved

The files that should be contained in the LST package are:

LST.EXE -- the executable LST program
LST.DOC -- documentation on the use and features of LST
READ.ME -- this file

Anyone desiring a copy of the most current version of LST may send me
a diskette (360k 5.25", 1.2M 5.25", or 720k 3.5") and return postage and
I will return the diskette with a copy of the current program and
documentation. Alternately, send $5 and receive a 360k 5.25" diskette
containing the same. Or, leave a message for me via GEnie Mail and I
will alert you to when a new version becomes available in the IBM PC RT
software libraries. Copies should also appear in the Microsoft RT
software libraries.

Anyone sending the recommended donation or more will automatically
receive a copy of the next version of LST if you include your mailing
address. These will be sent on a 360k 5.25" diskette or uploaded to
your GEnie Mail address at your request.

Please report any problems you might experience with LST to me at your
earliest convenience. I would also be interested in any comments or
suggestions that you might have.

See the LST.DOC file for my postal and GEnie Mail addresses.


Changes for version 1.01

Added is the capability to read a "file" from standard input using the
-s switch on the command line.
arc2 v foo.arc | lst -s

A bug in the file name parser was fixed and it is now possible to read
a filespec with a drive designator but no path. Previously the
command line "lst a:file.nam" would fail, you were forced to use some-
thing on the order of "lst a:.\file.nam". This now works as expected.

The "End" key now moves the display to the end of the file rather than
one line short of end of file as was the case in version 1.00.


Changes for version 1.02

Previous versions of LST consumed in inordinate amount of CPU cycles
during event handling. It was determined that the cause of this was
insufficient "sleep" time between events. The default value for this
has been increased to 2 milliseconds. A command line switch,
"-z" where number is a decimal value between 0 and 65535, has
been added to allow the user to set this value (mnemonic for the
switch is "snooZe").

In the course of investigating the above problem, two other switches
were added:
"-m" sets the mouse mode: 0 sets semi-polled mode (the
default), 1 sets non-polled mode (useful only if you never want
to use the keyboard!), and anything greater than 1 completely
disables the mouse handler.
"-r" is only documented here. It switches the method LST uses for
internal reads made by the event handler from asynchronous
(the default) to synchronous. I don't imagine this will be of
much interest to the user.

The "End" key problem, claimed to have been fixed in version 1.01
was left out by an oversight. This fix is present in version 1.02.


Brady Flowers
13 September, 1989

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