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OS/2 2.0 Compact Disk (Audio) controller for eject, track count, pre-set songs Requires MMPM/2 and compatible CD player.
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OS/2 2.0 Compact Disk (Audio) controller for eject, track count, pre-set songs Requires MMPM/2 and compatible CD player.
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Contents of the CDEXPLOR.DOC file

(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1992, 1993

CDEXPLOR PACKAGE - The Compact Disc Digital Audio Explorer for OS/2 2.x

by Dave Thomas


This program requires:
- OS/2 2.0 or 2.1 installed with CD ROM support
- MMPM/2 1.0 or 1.1 installed with CD support
- An MMPM/2 supported CD player that allows digital audio disc playback
- See MMPM/2 documentation for supported CD drives
- Output through audio card requires an audio card like IBM M-Audio ACPA
- See MMPM/2 documentation for supported audio cards

- Unpack the CDEXPL.ZIP file using "pkunzip"

Provides a complete user interface to the CD drive attached to your system.

- Output to
- Headphones
- Any MMPM/2-supported audio card

- Customized play order

- "Track repeat" option allows the same song to continuously play.
"Track repeat" takes precedence over other ordering schemes

- "Disc repeat" option allows uninterrupted play - wrap at end of disc

- "Disc Shuffle" option allows tracks to be played in random order.
- Shuffles differently every time. Very nifty.

- Mute
- Allows you to mute the sound when your neighbor bashes on your door
for blasting your Nirvana disc. Really, just ask my neighbors 🙂

- Track Information
- User track information associated with disc can be input/saved
The template of user info in the window is a suggested format.
I've allowed for about 64 chars for a disc title line
plus 64 characters for every track. Hope this is sufficient.

- Here's how you can enter and save your own track info:

1. Type it in the User Track Info window (and drive yourself nuts)

OR (looks longer but is actually much more flexible...)

1. Go to your favorite editor and type in your track info.
Here is an example of the format that works best for me:

U2 - Achtung Baby
1 Zoo station
2 Even Better than the Real Thing
3 One
(etc., etc.)

I keep a text file with all my stuff in it as a backup of CD Explorer's
profile. You don't NEED a backup, but it is wise if you have lots of
customized track info.

2. Copy the text to the system clipboard
(Many editors allow this: try to select the text and hit Ctrl-Insert)

3. Delete the template of stuff I put in the User Info window
(Select with mouse, then hit the Delete key)

4. Paste the clipboard contents into the User Info window
(With cursor in window, hit Shift-Insert)

5. Save user info

6. From now on, CD Explorer will automagically recognize the disc

- Disc track information displays each track length and start time
- Allows random track selection (double-click or select/push seek button)

- Disc transport function

- Eject
- allows you to change discs.

- Reverse to track start / reverse to previous track
- From inside a track (past 0:00) this will reverse to track start
- From track start (at 0:00) this will reverse to previous track start

- Stop/Pause
- Can manually set position in Position field while stopped
(See "User Cue" below)

- Play

- Forward to next track start

- Disc status area:

- Track counter is user-modifyable on the fly via spin-button or direct edit
You can "spin" up or down. You can enter the track you want to go to.

- User Cue: position in track counter with random position setting capability

- This allows you to cue to any location in the track (with second accuracy)
While the disc is playing, this field is a simple position counter,
but when you stop the disc, it becomes the awesome "User Cue" field

Use of "User Cue":

1. Stop the disc (if playing)

2. Enter the desired destination time in track (in mm:ss format) in
the "Position" entry field.

3. Select the cute little "User Cue" button next to the "Position" entry
(I banged my head for a good and *small* button bitmap. I know
the button doen't exactly scream out it's "user cue" function. )

4. Play will resume from the new location

Notice: the cute little "User Cue" button disappears when the disc
is in playback. User Cue is only available when the disc is

- Remaining in track countdown

- Partial function option inhales less system resources
- disables button animation
- disables status area and all other function dependant on position notify

- Mini window option requires less screen space to interact with CD

- Shares device with other programs that use the CD
(open a bunch of CD Explorers at once -- it's pretty neat!)

Release History (most recent first)
2.0 3/09/93 - Fix format of counter
- Track counter in status area is now editable spin button
- Position is user-modifyable (only when stopped)
- "User Track Info" window replaces Table of contents
allows user to add and save track names (or ANY information)
- CD Explorer will recognize discs it has saved before
and load any user info.
- Disc shuffle
- Mute
- partial function option for better performance
(overhaul for better performance)
- Overhaul user interface for better use of screen space
- full-size at screen yTop will stay on screen

1.0 7/31/92 - Shares CD with other CD apps (supports PASSDEVICE)
- all global data now stored in window words
- Multiples explorers at different places on same disc!
- unlock drive on exit (and other fixes)
- change forward trk and Rev Trk buttons to |<< and >>|
to indicate going to track boundary.
- hi res minimize icon for pretty 8514 display
- save 4K on device-independent prod info box bitmap

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