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OS/2 Device driver to support buffered IO to 16450 and 16550 serial chips.
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OS/2 Device driver to support buffered IO to 16450 and 16550 serial chips.
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Contents of the COM16550.DOC file

Here it is boys and girls, a kludgy driver to use your buffered
uart. A couple of caveats, the command line IS CASE SENSETIVE.
You MUST declare the device driver path in lower case, and the
parameters in upper case.

I reccomend you just cut and paste from the following examples to
put it in your config.sys. It's a plug in replacement for com16450.sys,
so if you already use that, then just make a minor edit to the filename
in your device statement. here's my config.sys snippet for a 16450 on
com1, and a 16550 on com2:-

DEVICE=c:\mydll\com16450.sys COM1 3F8 4
DEVICE=c:\mydll\com16550.sys COM2 2F8 3

Both device drivers are included in this care package. As you will see,
there are some command line options. First is the device name. It MUST
start with COM, and be followed by a single digit, ie COMx. Case is
sensative. the entire command line is case sensative. The second item
on the command line is the base port for the device (in hex), and the
final is parameter is the irq to use. You cannot share irq lines at
this time. The above sample shows the standard configuration for com1
and com2. You can install as many instances as you have serial ports
and irq lines to spare. I currently have 4 instances installed in my
config.sys to handle 4 com ports.

One final note about com16450.sys. It's not buffer aware, so if you
install it on a serial port with a 16550 in there, it's liable to trap
unless you re-init the system from a power down. Since there is a
separate driver for the 16450 and 16550, I'm not going to fix that. It
does turn into a minor performance issue. I dont particularily like to
add 2 more instructions to an already bloated interrupt handler.

If you have comments, send netmail to 1:153/905. I will listen to
constructive comments only, and also to bug reports. I have a policy
around here of

Yelling >> NULL

So if you have problems, please describe them in detail. If you start
yelling about a broken drive or some such, and want to blame my driver
I just wont listen. If you approach me reasonably, I'll do everything
I can to help rectify your problems. I too want this driver to be reliable
cuz it's running on my system as well.

With that out of the way, have fun with the new toy. I sure am.

Gerry. Sysop @ 1:153/905

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