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(f)grep utility version 1.52a for OS/2 2.0 GA.
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(f)grep utility version 1.52a for OS/2 2.0 GA.
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Contents of the GREP.DOC file

Program: GREP.EXE

Version: 1.52a

Date: May 29, 1992

Description: Grep Utility for OS/2 2.0 GA
32-bit OS/2 2.0 protected mode, command line program

Requirements: OS/2 2.0 GA Level


GREP was designed to search from the current path on downwards. The program
starts searching for files in the current path and any subdirectories that

To have GREP start its search from the root directory prepend the \ character
to the filespec:

C:\os2\util] grep printf \*.c /s

The options to GREP are as follows:

grep [search string] [filespec] -h -s -i -t -c -v -f -b

[search string] This is any character string *NOT* containing one of the
following characters: * ? . / -

[filespec] A file specification to use. Any files matching the
file specification will be searched. This program has
been written to search ASCII text files. Some documents
created by word processors may not be searchable (a
future version will fix this).

[options] You can select one of the following options.

-h help information
-s search subdirctories from the current one on down
-i ignore case of the search text
PRINTF PrintF printf all match
-v verbose information (default)
-t time information (currently unavailable)
-f output shows only the file name, no path (short file names)
-c use carriage return/linefeeds for Epsilon users
-b DO NOT string leading blanks on a line. Output is harder
to read in this case but it may be useful in some cases.

This program is freeware. All that I ask is that you contact me via
e-mail (Compuserve ID 73467,252; Internet [email protected]) and
let me know what you think about it. Ideas on more freeware utilities you
would like to see are welcome.

Your author,

Alexandre Polozoff

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