Dec 112017
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Category OS/2 Files
4OS2 Release 1.1. 32-bit upgrade for Command line replacement for OS/2 2.0. Must have the original 1.0 release to use this file. This is by the same author as 4DOS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
4OS2-32.DOC 11114 3726 deflated
4OS2-32.EXE 157536 83373 deflated
4OS2-32.INF 11118 6568 deflated
4OS2-32A.ICO 888 349 deflated
4OS2-32B.ICO 888 361 deflated
MOVE32.BTM 784 403 deflated
REN32.BTM 955 449 deflated
SHRALS32.EXE 15328 8290 deflated

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