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4OS2 Release 1.1. 32-bit upgrade for Command line replacement for OS/2 2.0. Must have the original 1.0 release to use this file. This is by the same author as 4DOS.
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4OS2 Release 1.1. 32-bit upgrade for Command line replacement for OS/2 2.0. Must have the original 1.0 release to use this file. This is by the same author as 4DOS.
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Contents of the 4OS2-32.DOC file

JP Software

4OS2/32 Documentation

Version 1.1 --December 30, 1992

[Copyright 1992, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved. Published by JP
Software Inc., P.O. Box 1470, E. Arlington, MA 02174 USA, (617)
646-3975. 4OS2 and 4OS2/32 are trademarks and 4DOS is a registered
trademark of JP Software Inc. OS/2 is a trademark of IBM Corporation.
Other product and company names are trademarks of their respective

This 32-bit version of 4OS2 ("4OS2/32"), version 1.1, is a major upgrade
from the original 16-bit version of 4OS2, version 1.0. It offers
several new commands and features, and has been substantially rewritten
to run as a true 32-bit application under IBM's OS/2 2.0.

This documentation explains how to install 4OS2/32 if you already have
the 16-bit version, and summarizes changes and enhancements in 4OS2/32
as compared to the 16-bit version.

[If you are running OS/2 1.x, you cannot use 4OS2/32. You must continue
to use the 16-bit version of 4OS2. A few weeks after the release of
4OS2/32, JP Software will release version 1.1 of the 16-bit version of
4OS2. This upgrade will reflect as closely as possible the feature
changes in 4OS2/32, for our customers still running earlier versions of
OS/2. Version 1.1 is likely to be the last major update to the 16-bit
version of 4OS2; future updates will probably be made only to the 32-bit

This file is formatted at 58 lines per page, and contains form feeds and
page footers. It can be viewed with a file viewer such as the 4DOS or
4OS2 LIST command, or printed on most PC printers using the command:

copy 4os2-32.doc prn

Printing it with a program that formats the pages is not likely to work
due to the formatting included in the file.


4OS2/32 1.1 [12-30-92] 4OS2-32.DOC page 1

Files Included with 4OS2/32

Your 4OS2-32.ZIP file contains eight files:

4OS2-32.DOC This file.
4OS2-32.EXE 4OS2/32 program file.
4OS2-32A.ICO 4OS2 1.1 replacement for original 4OS2A.ICO
4OS2-32B.ICO 4OS2 1.1 replacement for original 4OS2B.ICO
4OS2-32.INF Additional help file for 4OS2/32.
MOVE32.BTM BTM file to overwrite old 4OS2 version 1.0 files
with new 4OS2/32 files (see below for usage
REN32.BTM BTM file to rename 4OS2 version 1.0 and 4OS2/32
files so old files are preserved (see below for
usage instructions).
SHRALS32.EXE 32-bit version of SHRALIAS for use with 4OS2/32.

Upgrading from 4OS2 1.0

If you have downloaded this update file and are a registered user of
the 16-bit 4OS2 version 1.0, you can update to the 32-bit version at
no charge. Simply follow the installation instructions below,
including the BRANDing step.

[The only exception to this policy is for users who purchased 4OS2
and 4DOS at the same time, directly from JP Software, at a special
discount price below the standard $89. In this case you will be able
to use 4OS2/32 on a trial basis, but will have to purchase the
upgrade from JP Software to be able to brand it (if you try BRAND as
explained below, it won't work). The cost for the upgrade is $17,
plus $3 shipping if you are outside the US and Canada. Please
contact our customer service department for assistance if you
purchased 4OS2 and 4DOS together at a special discount rate and
therefore need to order the upgrade.]

If you currently have a trial (shareware) copy of 4OS2 1.0, you can
update it to a trial copy of 4OS2/32 version 1.1 using the steps
below. Simply skip the BRANDing step (and remember to order your
registered copy soon!).


4OS2/32 is currently organized as a revision to the installed 16-bit
version (once version 1.1 of the 16-bit 4OS2 is released the two
products will be merged so that installation becomes a single,
integrated operation). Therefore, before you install 4OS2-32, you

4OS2/32 1.1 [12-30-92] 4OS2-32.DOC page 2

should have the 16-bit version of 4OS2 installed on your system. See
the standard 4OS2 installation instructions for details on how to
install the 16-bit version.

Use the following steps to install 4OS2/32:

(1) Extract all of the files from the 4OS2-32.ZIP file to the
4OS2 directory on your hard disk.

(2) If you are using the 16-bit SHRALIAS program, start a 4OS2
session and unload SHRALIAS with the following command:

shralias /u

After SHRALIAS is unloaded, close all 4OS2 sessions. (The reason
you must unload SHRALIAS and close 4OS2 sessions is that OS/2
will not allow you to overwrite SHRALIAS.EXE or 4OS2.EXE if they
are currently in use.)

(3) From a DOS session, MOVE the new executable and icon files to
overwrite the old ones, using the MOVE32.BTM file included with
4OS2-32 (simply enter the command MOVE32). MOVE32.BTM executes
the following commands:

move 4os2-32.exe 4os2.exe
move shrals32.exe shralias.exe
move 4os2-32a.ico 4os2a.ico
move 4os2-32b.ico 4os2b.ico

These commands overwrite your 16-bit 4OS2 version 1.0 programs
and icons with the new 4OS2/32 version 1.1 programs and icons.
If you wish to preserve your 16-bit programs and icons, use the
REN32.BTM file instead. REN32 executes the following commands:

ren 4os2.exe 4os2-16.exe
ren shralias.exe shrals16.exe
ren 4os2-32.exe 4os2.exe
ren shrals32.exe shralias.exe
ren 4os2a.ico 4os2-16a.ico
ren 4os2-32a.ico 4os2a.ico
ren 4os2b.ico 4os2-16b.ico
ren 4os2-32b.ico 4os2b.ico

(4) If you have a registered (purchased) copy of 4OS2, find your
4OS2 BRAND card. From the same DOS session used for step (3),
run the BRAND program (BRAND.EXE) from your 4OS2 directory. (If
you don't have the 4OS2 BRAND.EXE on your hard disk, you can
install it from the 4OS2 distribution disks using the Extract
Individual Files option from the 4OS2 INSTALL main menu.) Answer
the questions from BRAND based on the information on your brand
ID card -- be sure to enter the information exactly as it appears

4OS2/32 1.1 [12-30-92] 4OS2-32.DOC page 3

on the card. This will install your name and serial number into

(5) If you chose to manually move the original (16-bit) 4OS2.INF
file from its default location in the 4OS2 directory to another
location on your BOOKSHELF path, be sure to move the new 4OS2-
32.INF file to the same directory, so that it will be available
when you start 4OS2 HELP.

(6) Use an ASCII editor to edit your 4OS2.INI file, which is
normally in your 4OS2 directory. You may not have such a file,
in which case you will need to create one. Modify or add the
HelpBook line in this file so that it reads:


This will make the new 32-bit help information available when you
use HELP or the F1 key. If you prefer not to include the
standard OS/2 command reference in your help display, use this
line instead:


For more information on HelpBook, see pages 36 - 38 of your
printed 4OS2 manual.

(7) 4OS2/32 is now installed as your OS/2 command processor.
Restart any 4OS2 sessions and they will run 4OS2/32. For
detailed help on changes in the 32-bit version of 4OS2, type HELP
or press F1 at the 4OS2 prompt and select the "4OS2/32 features
and enhancements" topic. If you want to use the new 4OS2 version
1.1 icons, use OS/2's standard icon selection facilities to
assign the appropriate icon(s) to the 4OS2 object(s) on your OS/2

4OS2/32 Enhancements

4OS2/32 supports all of the same features, functions, and commands as
the 16-bit version of 4OS2. The standard 4OS2 documentation and online
help can be used as a reference for all 4OS2 capabilities. For a list
of new features in this version see the summary below; for details see
the online help as described above.

The primary change in 4OS2/32 compared to the 16-bit version of 4OS2 is
that 4OS2/32 has been rewritten to take full advantage of the 32-bit
flat memory model in IBM's OS/2 2.0. This provides improved
performance, better integration with OS/2 2.0, and better handling of
some internal functions (e.g. Ctrl-C / Ctrl-Break handling).

4OS2/32 1.1 [12-30-92] 4OS2-32.DOC page 4

In addition to a full 32-bit implementation of 4OS2, 4OS2/32 includes
the following enhancements:

* There is a new directive in 4OS32.INI: AmPm = Yes | NO. This
controls the time display format (e.g. in DIR and SELECT output).

* DEL now supports the /F option to avoid copying files to the
DELDIR directory.

* DIR supports the new /T:[acw] switch to specify the use of last
access, creation, or last write time in directory displays and
sorts on HPFS drives.

* KEYS OFF has been changed for better emulation of CMD.EXE and
to improve compatibility with a few application programs.

* MEMORY displays several additional memory statistics.

* START now allows specification of DOS settings when starting
DOS sessions. This powerful capability allows you to set
specific DOS session settings without creating an object on your
desktop for the session.

* WINDOW is a new command which allows you to change the 4OS2
window size / state from the prompt or from a batch file.

4OS2/32 1.1 [12-30-92] 4OS2-32.DOC page 5

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