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Write OS/2 protected mode pgms with Turbo C!.
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Write OS/2 protected mode pgms with Turbo C!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
88.C 17668 3966 deflated
C0.ASM 5954 1623 deflated
L88.CMD 44 41 deflated
OS2DOS.H 6432 1810 deflated
OS2KEY.H 529 254 deflated
OS2VIO.H 3392 940 deflated
TC4OS2.TXT 1780 964 deflated

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Contents of the TC4OS2.TXT file

Copyright 1988 by FreeLance Programming - All rights reserved.

Use Turbo C to write code for OS/2? Sure! The following restrictions
should be noted:

1) Many of the Turbo C library routines will NOT work (and some of them
will even cause unresolved external errors at link time). In general
you should use the OS/2 API calls rather than the Turbo C library

2) The program I wrote all this for did not have any need for the
environment and command line arguments, so I did not convert these
routines. I plan to do so at some point in the future, but I *do*
have MSC 5.1 now, so the urgency is somewhat lessened.

3) The replacement startup code has a hard-coded stack size (2.5k). If
you wish to change stack sizes, you will need to reassemble this module.
Dynamic stack size setting is *not* currently operational.

4) No support is provided for the 80x87 or for Turbo C 2.0+'s graphics

5) Only the LARGE memory model is supported (though it is easy enough
to modify C0.ASM to change this).

6) You *must* use the OS/2 linker; TLINK will *not* work. See the
enclosed .CMD file for an example of a correct link.

A sample comm program is also provided. This specialized comm program
is designed to talk to a host via a direct-connect 19.2k asynch link.
Although it is not terribly useful in the generalized world of Pc
communications, it *does* serve to illustrate the art of perverting TC
to operate under OS/2. Good Luck!

For questions, support, other OS/2 (or DOS) programs, and lots of
fine discussions (among other things), please call:

The Wizard's Workshop
300/1200/2400 - 24hrs
(301) - 322 - 8678

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