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OS/2 2.0 PM program that tracks time spent on projects & tasks.
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OS/2 2.0 PM program that tracks time spent on projects & tasks.
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Contents of the TIMEKEEP.DOC file

TimeKeeper is a SHAREWARE (see the online help for info on registering
your copy) program that helps you track your time on projects and tasks.
Just leave it running in the background, tell it when you have started
working on another project or task, and it will generate a comma
delimited text file which lists all of the projects and tasks that you
have worked on and the amount of time you spent each one. You can then
use this file in your favorite word processor, spreadsheet, etc. to help
generate your time sheet.


The .zip file should contain four files:



timekeep.doc (this file)


Just expand these into a directory of your choosing and then drop a
shadow of timekeep.exe into your startup folder.

Execution Notes:

Timekeeper will create two files in its directory:

timekeep.ini - Timekeeper's initialization values

timerecs.txt - The text file that contains your time log


If you have questions, problems, or suggestions, I can be reached via
CompuServe. My ID is 73737,1641.


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