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OS/2 2.1 PM backup Pgm that supports floppy tape drives including Jumbo. This is a demo version that is functional except for compression and 5MB transfer limit.
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OS/2 2.1 PM backup Pgm that supports floppy tape drives including Jumbo. This is a demo version that is functional except for compression and 5MB transfer limit.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BMCOMPR.DLL 6176 2854 deflated
BMDEMO.DOC 3910 1600 deflated
BMDEMO.EXE 494144 162424 deflated
FTDVR.SYS 28241 11089 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 933 393 deflated

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Contents of the BMDEMO.DOC file

BackMaster for OS/2 2.1 - DEMO
MSR Development P.O. Box 632070
Nacogdoches, TX 75963-2070
(409) 564-1862 Office (9-5 cst M-F)
(409) 560-5868 FAX (409) 560-5970 BBS
Released to the Public: 15 September 1993
!!!!!!!!!! Notice !!!!!!!!!!
This demo is intended to allow interested persons to preview BackMaster before
making a purchase decision. This is a feature complete version of the software
with the exception of data compression and online help. All other user
functions may be performed with data amounts up to 5 MB.

This demo may be freely copied and distributed, providing that this text file
is included with the demo. The user agrees, by the usage of this demo, to
accept full responsibility for the protection of their data. This demo is not
intended to be used as a final backup solution. MSR Development shall not be
held liable for any loss or damage, either actual or incidental, related to the
use of this demo.
Device Support This demo version of BackMaster supports a variety of QIC
40 & 80 tape drives. These device must be connected either
directly to the floppy controller(same cable or via a "Y"
cable), or through Colorado's AB-10 controller.
Archive XL series IOmega TAPE 250
Colorado Jumbo 120 Mountain FileSafe 4000
Colorado Jumbo 250 Mountain FileSafe 8000
Conner 250 Summit SE120
Generic QIC-40/80* Summit SE250
* (as 2nd floppy)

File Systems Both the HPFS and FAT file systems are supported.
BackMaster handles EA's, long filenames, INI files, system
files, and the Desktop. Allows user customized forced read of
locked files. Also handles STACked FAT volumes.

QIC 40/80 BackMaster users the new QIC-500 logical format. QIC-500 uses
your QIC 40/80 tape drive to handle extended OS/2 system
information. QIC-500 volumes work on QIC 40/80 formatted tapes
and will coexist with QIC-40/80 volumes on a single cartridge.

Read DOS tapes Backups made with the QIC-40/80 DOS standard may be easily
migrated to your OS/2 system. Users can move to OS/2 without
the need to convert existing backup sets.

Transparent BackMaster operations may be performed in the background
Background allowing uninterrupted foreground operations. Important
Operation backups may be performed while maintaining user productivity.

STAC Data BackMaster uses STAC data compression with a true 32-bit data
Compression path for greater throughput. STAC is an industry leader for
reliability and performance.

Easy to use Intuitive PM interface simplifies use and promotes frequent
backups. BackMaster is as easy to use as the OS/2 file manager.
Total, partial, incremental, and unattended backups can be
performed proficiently by beginners.

Disaster Although not included with the demo, BackMaster includes a
Recovery powerful disaster plan. A tool to assist in the creation of
boot diskettes is included (BMRCVR.EXE). These boot diskettes
will be customized with the needed drivers for your computer and
tape drive. A text based restore program (BMREST.EXE) allows
you to restore a complete OS/2 backup set by booting from the
custom diskettes.

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