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Hard drive driver for OS/2 2.0. Fixes install problems or slow access problems.
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Hard drive driver for OS/2 2.0. Fixes install problems or slow access problems.
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Contents of the IBM1S506.DOC file

IBM1S506.ADD is a fix for those who are having difficulty
doing an FDISK or installing on AT-bus machines with RLL or
MFM hard disks.

Using DOS, copy IBM1S506.ADD to Diskette # 1 in the 2.0
package of diskettes. Diskette #1 is the SECOND diskette in the
package ( the Install diskette is the first).

Now, begin your installation of 2.0.
After Diskette #5 is installed, you are prompted to reinsert
the Install diskette and press Enter.
Do this.
After copying files, you are prompted to Remove the Install
diskette and press Enter to reboot.

Press Enter.
The Install diskette will boot and, after a while, you will be
prompted to insert Diskette # 1.
Do so.
After a while, you will come to a screen that allow you to
Escape out of it. Watch the bottom left of the screens to see
when you are allowed to Escape.

Press Esc.

You will now be at a command prompt.

Put the diskette containing the new IBM1S506.ADD file into the
diskette drive.


(The COPY command above assumes you are copying from "A", and
that OS/2 is installed on "C". Modify if different drives are used).
Remove the diskette from the drive.

Press ALT-CTRL-DEL to reboot.

You will now continue with the install process.

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