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Latest version of Logicomm for OS/2 ver 2.30.
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Latest version of Logicomm for OS/2 ver 2.30.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Welcome to LogiCOMM 2.30. LogiCOMM 2.30 is a maintenance release of version
2.20. It contains little functional difference, and has been released
primarily to correct pricing errors in the 2.20 package.

Version 2.20 supported 2 new features:

A redisplay buffer
VT100 Emulation.

Please read the disclaimer and ordering information in your manuals.


LogiCOMM now supports a VT100 compatible mode. The features supported include
set/reset modes, graphics character sets, programmable tab settings, cursor
controls, display attributes, and numeric keypad applications mode. The
following chart summarizes the keyboard mapping:


PF1 Shift F1
PF2 Shift F2
PF3 Shift F3
PF4 Shift F4

Cursor Up Cursor Up
Cursor Down Cursor Down
Cursor Left Cursor Left
Cursor Right Cursor Right
Character Delete Delete

In addition, the numeric keypad is programmable by the host to enter
a keypad application mode or numeric mode. Whichever is selected will
depend upon the program in use. For enhanced keyboard users, it is
recommended that you keep num lock ON and use the cursor keys for cursor
movement. On non-enhanced keyboards you will have to toggle the num lock
key to obtain the use of the cursor keypad.

VT100 emulation is selected in the TERMINAL SETUP section of the SETTINGS menu.
It is recommended that you select a black background for your terminal color
settings. Furthermore you should not select backgrounds above the color 8
to prevent flashing from occuring in the menu selections.

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