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Very nice ME text editor now supporting OS/2. Includes many OS/2 only features like async file writes, and ability to call DLL's.
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Very nice ME text editor now supporting OS/2. Includes many OS/2 only features like async file writes, and ability to call DLL’s.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ME Programmer's Text Editor
for OS/2
Marc Adler / Magma Systems
Association of Shareware Professionals

Magma Systems
15 Bodwell Terrace
Millburn, New Jersey 07041
(voice) 201-912-0192 (10-5 PM EST)
(BBS) 201-912-0668 (24 hrs, 1200 baud)

Thank you for trying a copy of our ME programmer's text editor. We hope
that you will find that ME has enough power to satisfy all of your program-
ming needs. You may already be using another shareware editor, and have
given serious consideration to switching; below, we will outline how ME
compares to the most popular shareware editor (QEDIT) and the most popular
commercial text editor (BRIEF).

ME is distributed under the shareware concept. You can evaluate this
product for a sufficient amount of time without pressure; however, if you
find that ME has become an integral part of your programming environment,
you must register your copy. To register, fill out the registration form
which is in the file REGISTER.DOC, make out a check for the proper amount
(depending on if you want the source code), and mail it to the Magma Sys-
tems address. In return for registering, you will get certain benefits :

1) A printed user's manual
2) The latest version of ME (without the opening screen).
3) The compiler for the macro language
4) Technical support on our BBS
5) Notification of updates
6) The option to purchase the source code.
7) The option to purchase the OS/2 version.

Registering your copy of any shareware product will benefit both you
the shareware author, and the shareware community in general. By funding
our development efforts, the user will continue to receive a flow of
products which equal or surpass the quality of the more expensive,
commercial products.


The version of ME which you now have is a fully functional copy. It is
not disabled in any way. However, as an incentive to register, we have not
included the macro compiler. You can run the macros which come with ME,
but you cannot modify them nor create new macros without the macro
compiler. However, the absence of the macro compiler will not affect the
operation of ME *in any way*.

In adition, we have included the documentation for version 1.31 of the
editor, along with update files for both version 2.1 and 2.2. When you
register, you will receive a printed copy of the latest documentation.


This is the part which you have been waiting for.... ME has the
following powerful features which aid you in your source code editing :

Virtual memory allows you to edit files as big as disk. In
addition, the editor will swap your current session to disk
to free up more memory for compiles.

Multiple windows - both horizontal and vertical. Windows can be
zoomed and resized.

Powerful C-like macro language allows you to add new commands or
to modify existing ones.

Regular expressions for searching and substitution.

Line marking (including discontiguous line marking)

Column block operations

Run your compiler from within ME and examine errors interactively

Capture a DOS session in a window

Real, variable width tabs.

Toggle between alternate display modes from within your editing
session. ME allows you to create external drivers which
support different video boards and monitors. ME lets you
toggle between 25 and 43 line modes if you have an EGA.

Keystroke macros, with the ability to assign a keystroke macro to
another key and to generate a macro program from the keystrokes.

The most popular shareware editor, QEDIT (by Sammy Mitchell), does
not have a powerful macro language, does not support virtual memory,
does not have discontiguous line marking, will not capture a DOS session in
a window, does not have regular expressions, and does not have an OS/2
version yet.

BRIEF (tm Solution Systems) will not let you toggle video modes from
within a session, will not capture a DOS session in a window, does not have
discontiguous line marking, does not come with a source code option, has a
LISP-like macro language, and does not have an OS/2 version yet (as of


Technical support is available thorugh a variety of channels :

1) We have a 24 hr BBS at (201) 912 - 0668. (1200/2400 baud)
2) We have a vendor support conference on BIX (join 'magma').
3) We will be getting a vendor support conference on Compuserve. In
additon, you can e-mail questions to PPN [71520,75].
4) You can reach us through the Magma Systems office.
5) We are only several of the big BBSs in New Jersey (Software Society,
Microsellar, Arc Exchange).

Non-registered users are entitled to one question of the form "Does ME
do this...?". Registered users receive full technical support.

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