Category : OS/2 Files
Archive   : ME22.ZIP
Filename : CONFIG.ME

Output of file : CONFIG.ME contained in archive : ME22.ZIP

ta 2 tab stops are every n columns (n = 8 default)
tb 32 tab_filler (this is a non-ascii value - for blank, put 32 here)
bt 0 Compress blanks to tabs on output?
rt 1 use real tabs? (1 = YES, 0 = NO)
in 0 insert mode on at startup? (if 0, overstrike mode is default)
fs 1 cursor can move into free space beyond end of line?
hb 0 strip high bits off characters which are read in?
ab 1 automatic backup of file (create a periodic .BK2 file)?
sv 500 # of keystrokes to wait before doing auto backup
bk 1 Create a .BAK file when exiting?
ai 1 automatic indentation?
bl 0 sound the bell when you are prompted?
er 1 editor waits for a keypress after an error?
pu 0 prompt on command?
fg 7 foreground color on PC (make this 7 if you have a mono card)
bg 0 background color on PC (make this 0 if you have a mono card)
ns 1 No waiting for horizontal retrace (0 if you have a standard CGA)?
vs 0 vertical scroll - # of line to subtract from window length
hs 40 # of columns for horizontal scroll (must not be 0)
kr 12 keyboard typeamatic rate (default = 12, fastest = 30)
kd 1 keyboard typeamatic delay (default = 1, fasteest = 0)

This is the configuration file for the ME text editor.

There must not be any blank lines at the top of the file. Likewise,
there should be at least one blank line after the last parameter.

The format of each config line is the two letter parameter code, fol-
lowed by the default value, followed by an optional comment.

A boolean parameter can take either '1' or 'y' for 'yes', and '0' or
'n' for 'no'. All values are specified in decimal.