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OS/2 utility that will redirect StdIn and StdOut to the serial port. Allows running OS/2 command line programs remotely.
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OS/2 utility that will redirect StdIn and StdOut to the serial port. Allows running OS/2 command line programs remotely.
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Contents of the COMSHELL.DOC file


Version 1.00

This program is written to overcome some of the problems in running
CMD.EXE with STDIN AND STDOUT re-directed to the communications port.
Basically, CMD.EXE checks stdin to see if it is the keyboard. If it
isn't, it adjusts the way it handles IO accordingly. When IO is through
the comm port, this results in the following anomalous behavior:

1) characters typed are NOT echoed back.
2) command lines have to be ended with a linefeed (CTRL-J)
rather than a carriage return (CTRL-M).

COMSHELL can be shelled to instead of CMD.EXE. It will take comm port
input and insert it into a keyboard monitor. It also echoes input back
to the comm port, so you can see what you have typed. To use it, pass
it exactly the same parameters you would CMD.EXE (any arguments to
COMSHELL are passed untouched to CMD.EXE, along with the environment).
COMSHELL requires that CMD.EXE be available somewhere on the path.

Please note, this is a first generation solution to the problem of
communication over the comm port. It is intended for use mainly as
a OS shell command - where the majority of tasks to be run are done
at the command shell level (DIR, REN, CD, MD, COPY, etc.) It is not
intended for use as a gate to other programs, and has not been tested
in that environment.

Please note that this program MUST be run full screen - it should
default to that since it is marked as NOTWINDOWCOMPAT. Using MARKEXE
or a similiar program to change it to run in a PM window will cause
this program to fail - this is because monitors may not be registered
in PM windows, and a monitor MUST be installed for keyboard re-direction
to occur.

Please also note that the process invoking COMSHELL is responsible for
redirecting STDIN/STDOUT to the communications port. COMSHELL assumes
this has been done succesfully, and does not check the handles passed
it for validity.

Please address any inquiries, complaints, suggestions, etc. to

Logistique LMM
6577 First Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
H1Y 3B2

(514) 727-1368 VOICE(Mon-Fri 9 AM - 5 PM EST)
(514) 374-9422 DATA(8-N-1, 300/1200/2400 baud 24hrs)

The user assumes all responsibility for the use of this
program. Logistique LMM does not warrant that this program
will satisfy the needs of any users. In any event, we will
not be held responsible for any damages, either direct or
consequential, resulting from the use of this software.

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