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Text mode task list for OS/2. Alt-/ brings up a VIO list that lets you change tasks without switching into PM and back.
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Text mode task list for OS/2. Alt-/ brings up a VIO list that lets you change tasks without switching into PM and back.
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Contents of the VSWITCH.DOC file



Do you like being able to quickly switch between full-screen
sessions? Are you tired of waiting for OS/2 to swap in half of the
Presentation Manager code and redraw your screen every time you
press ?

If so, VSWITCH may be for you. VSWITCH is a text-based (VIO) task
list, providing the same functionality as the task list displayed by
. Instead of switching your computer into graphics mode,
VSWITCH simply uses a pop-up VIO screen to display the task list, so
you don't have to wait when you want to switch tasks.

Installation and Invocation

To install VSWITCH, add a "RUN=VSWITCH.EXE" to your CONFIG.SYS, or
enter "detach vswitch" at the command prompt. To activate the
VSWITCH task list, hold down the RIGHT key and press the
forward slash key at the same time. These two keys are right next
to each other, so the combination is easy to remember.

This keystroke causes a task list window to appear over the current
screen. A session can be selected by using the arrow keys, or by
entering the first letter in the session title.

Once a session has been selected, you can enter any of the following

or - switches you to the highlighted session
- places you back in the session you started in
- uninstall VSWITCH

Known bugs/limitations

- VSWITCH may not display the task list properly if you have more
than 23 active sessions. I don't know about OS 2.00, but I know
that OS/2 1.x won't even let you open that many sessions, so I
don't think this will be a major problem.

- When you initially bring up the task list, the highlighting bar
may not always appear over the current session. When VSWITCH asks
OS/2 for the 'foreground process' identifier, OS/2 sometimes seems
to return the identifier for the previous full-screen session, or
on occasion, even the identifier for VSWITCH itself (which can
never be in the foreground, since it is a detached process!).

This problem seems to be worse under OS/2 2.0 than it is under
1.3. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.


VSWITCH is based on the public domain "HOTKEY" program by Peter
Fitzsimmons and Dave Burton. VSWITCH is also public domain, and the
source code is provided. This code was compiled with MSC 6.0, but
chances are that it will work with other compilers such as WATCOM
and JPI.

This code is free, and it was a quick hack to get around the
slowness of the OS/2 task list. This product is officially
unsupported. If you do have a problem, please drop me a note, but I
can't guarantee a fix or a response.

- Scott Dudley
August 8th, 1992

FidoNet: 1:249/106
Internet: [email protected]
CServe: >INTERNET:[email protected]
BBS: (613) 389-8315, 14.4K/HST

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