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LIST program for OS/2 environment.

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The "LIST" pgm for OS/2.

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LIST program for OS/2 environment.
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Contents of the LISTOS2.DOC file

NOTES on LISTOS2 conversion; version 75h

- Requires OS/2 version 1.2 or above to run.

- Long filenames are not supported.

- F10 in ALT-V File management function only exits to
original directory.

- The /S parameter is not necessary under OS/2. For example you
can just type PSTAT | LIST

- The ^F send formfeed command has been commented out because the
spooler also inserts formfeeds.

- Mouse support is not active in a PM windowed session.

- When mouse support is active in LIST, "Shelling" to other full
screen applications that use the mouse may require that
you CTRL-BREAK out of the second application.

- Patching: offsets are different, relative offsets are same.
- COM device name has been moved next to "WHAT" eyecatcher.
- Cloneable area starts at about 4A16 Hex bytes into file.

- Clone: You need to type in the new clone filename, as you
cannot overwrite an executing file under OS/2.

- FV: An equivalent OS/2 archive file viewer is not available.
However, if you only use ZIP files, put the following FV.CMD
in your path:


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