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OS/2 PM program to clip the screen into a BMP file.
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OS/2 PM program to clip the screen into a BMP file.
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Contents of the README file

Clip Version 1.1 (C) 1990 Dynalink Technologies Inc.

Installing Clip:

1. Copy CLIP.EXE to a directory in your PATH (e.g. c:\os2); and
2. Copy CLIPLIB.DLL to a directory in your LIBPATH (e.g. c:\os2\dll).

About Clip:

Clip is an OS/2 Presentation Manager program that you can use to
capture (or "clip") all or selected portions of the PM screen to the

Clip is also a clipboard bitmap viewer. Bitmaps placed in the system
clipboard by other programs are visible in Clip's client window.

Clip is unique in that it doesn't rely on timers to capture
full-screen images. Clip installs a system-wide keyboard queue hook
and pressing PrintScrn will ALWAYS capture the screen contents, even
if you're in a menu, or in a modal dialog box, or sizing a window, etc.

The image you clip is then pasted in the clipboard as a GPI bitmap.
You can save the bitmap to disk in either PM bitmap, GPI metafile,
ZSoft PC Paintbrush, Microsoft Paint, Aldus TIFF, or PostScript
format. Compression monochrome/grayscale/color are all supported.

Clip's reference manual is on-line and context-sensitive.

There's lots of other good stuff too. Give it a roll.


Clip is shareware. You are hereby allowed, and encouraged, to
distribute CLIP.EXE and CLIPLIB.DLL to all of your friends. Sysops,
take note.

If you like Clip and you use it in your work, I encourage you to
register your copy by sending $20.00 to the address shown below.
Include a note providing your name and address, Clip version, and where
you obtained Clip.

Registration entitles you to hassle-free support and a clear conscience.

About the author:

Clip was written by Denis Gilbert, a principal of Dynalink Technologies
Inc., based near Montreal, in Qubec. A lot of the ideas for Clip
came from PMCAP and SNAP, sample programs in the OS/2 SDK. Thanks, guys.

If you have any problems or questions, if you'd like to see some
particular feature added, or (God bless) you'd like to register your
copy for the princely sum of $20.00, drop me a line on BIX
(denis.gilbert), on CompuServe (74370,24), or via regular mail at:

Dynalink Technologies Inc.
32 Courval, Kirkland,
Qubec, Canada H9H 3W6
Attn: Denis Gilbert

Voice: (514) 738-9171 (514) 694-3164

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