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OS/2 PM Newtonian Planetary Motion Simulator.
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OS/2 PM Newtonian Planetary Motion Simulator.
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Contents of the NPM.DOC file

NPM - Newton PM, a planetary system simulator
by T. A. (Tim) Jones

This program was created primarily as a first time attempt at PM
programming. It allows the simulation of planetary systems and features
such things as:

animation - using a memory device context to elimate flicker
dialog box programming

The program is pretty much self-explanatory, but some things needs to be noted
here - all units are in base metric units. For example, speed is in m/s and
period is in seconds.

Another interesting point is the value of the "period" parameter. This value
determines how long the simulation assumes accelerations to be constant.
The smaller the value, the more accurate the simulation will be. The higher
the value, the faster the simulation will be.

I have included some sample simulations for your amusement. Have fun with
this little resource-eater.

If you have any comments, please send me mail on BIX. I am TAJONES there.

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