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OS/2 Notebook Control Example.
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OS/2 Notebook Control Example.
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Contents of the NBBASE.DOC file

NBBASE.EXE is a sample program that demonstrates setting up a notebook control.
It creates a frame/client window and a notebook control is created as a child
of the client window, similar to how the Settings notebook does it.

The Notebook created by this program has pages with both MAJOR and MINOR tabs.

All the Notebook pages are associated with dialog boxes. Those dialog boxes are
not loaded and associated with the page until the user switches to the page that
will contain the dialog. This is done because I believe it to be the fastest
way to get the Notebook loaded. At a later date I will change my notebooks to
load the dialogs on a WM_TIMER message if they aren't already loaded. I expect
that will be the optimum way to load the dialogs.

A Notebook control is actually a rather simple control. Think of it as just a
way to stack up all your dialogs into a neat pile. If you have ever had an
application that needed the user to go thru more than one dialog to accomplish
something, you will appreciate that a notebook is the way to go. You can
picture all those dialogs being scattered about on the screen. The Notebook's
sole purpose is to take those dialogs and organize them so the user can input
all their information in an organized fashion.

The Notebook *does* bring with it some issues. The main one that I see is how
to validate the fields in each dialog - when the user tabs out of the field,
when the user switches notebook pages or when the user closes the notebook. In
my notebooks I usually use a combination of the 3.

Hopefully NBBASE will be of some use to beginning notebook programmers.

Rick Fishman
Code Blazers, Inc.
4113 Apricot
Irvine, CA 92720

CIS ID: 72251,750

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