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Latest Text file describing OS/2 2.0 fixes, current through 7/13/92.
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Latest Text file describing OS/2 2.0 fixes, current through 7/13/92.
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Contents of the 20FIXA.TXT file

Date of File - 07/13/92 Version 1.08
File changes flagged with |'s
Original File Date - 06/08/92
Owner, Irv Spalten, IRV @ BCRVMPC1

This is the list, as of the date shown above, of all fixes placed by
Department 17J on either OS2CSD or OS2TOOLS. Other 2.0 fixes are not
supported by the Boca Technical Group. All fixes listed here may be
distributed externally. The difference between OS2CSD and OS2TOOLS is
that OS2CSD is for fixes, and the individual files will be removed when
a service release is done. The service release will then be placed on
OS2CSD in its place. OS2TOOLS will hold 'enhancements' and utilities
for OS/2 2.0.

All fixes are on External BBS's and CIS except where noted. In some
case the EXTERNAL name may be different and is so noted. When the names
are the same, external names have the ZIP extension.

NOTE: Access to IBM's OS2CSD and OS2TOOLS repositories is available to
IBM personnel only.

APAR = Authorized Program Analysis Report (or bug report)
PTR = Program Trouble Report (or bug report)

* Fixes on OS2CSD *

NOTE: APAR numbers are the numbers the LATEST fix was reported under.
Components like OS2KRNL may have many APAR fixes and reports
against it.

Package Name - IBM2FLPY
External Name - PMTAPE.ZIP

APAR: PJ03661

Filename Size Date Time
IBM2FLPY.ADD 13029 5-15-92 1:38P

This IBM2FLPY.ADD file contains fix for this problem:

PMTAPE utility does not work. After restoring backup files from tape,
the system would either hang the OS/2 WINDOW or halt the entire system.

Package Name - OS2KRNL
External Name - OS2KRN.ZIP

Filename Size Date Time
OS2KRNL 716884 6-17-92 10:27a

This KERNEL file contains fixes for these following problems:

APAR PJ03686 / PTR B736191
PROBLEM SUMMARY: OS/2 2.0 Swapper.dat file does not shrink.

APAR PJ03733 / PTR B752328
PROBLEM SUMMARY: When two or more processes perform DOSDELETE function
to the same server using UNC file path names OS/
system will deadlock. The processes deadlocked include
any DOS file I/O which require access to the same.

APAR PJ04081 / PTR B735516
PROBLEM SUMMARY: IPE occurs at location 150:4912 which is a "rep stosd"
inside the BlastSFT. (AUTOCAD problem)

PTR AA04936
PROBLEM SUMMARY: System creates a data block for the unsucessful
attempt to open a file.

PTR AA05235
PROBLEM SUMMARY: MEM.qlqresident and MEM.qlqfree constantly increase an
never decrease.

APAR JR05522 / PTR B736359
PROBLEM SUMMARY: When the server system is upgraded to LAN service 2.0,
the system TRAP D intermittently at CSLIM:C27E, CS:230
and IP:0488.

APAR PJ04635 / PTR B736621
PROBLEM SUMMARY: DOSRENAME not deleting source file (Cross link files

PTR B736650
PROBLEM SUMMARY: Increase DosRmDir integrity.

Package Name - VSVGA

APAR: PJ03677
Filename Size Date Time
VEGA.SYS 49207 5-15-92 1:47p
VVGA.SYS 51678 5-15-92 1:47p
VSVGA.SYS 64559 5-15-92 1:47p

These files VEGA.SYS, VVGA.SYS and VSVGA.SYS contain fix for this

Entering a DOS or WinOS2 Full Screen on a Tseng et4000-based SVGA card
with a batch number of TC6059AF or higher makes the video card go out
of sync, requiring a cold boot to remedy.

Package Name - BVHSVGA
External Name - BVSVGA.ZIP

APAR PJ03721
Filename Size Date Time
BVHSVGA.DLL 22466 5-15-92 12:26p

The file BVHSVGA.DLL contains fix for this problem:

OEM machines with Western Digital super VGA video that have 1 Mg
of video memory crash after first boot then the C0000005 message

Package Name - IBM1S506
External Name - IBM506.ZIP

APAR PJ04045
Filename Size Date Time
IBM1S506.ADD 13036 5-15-92 1:38p

The file IBM1S506.ADD contains fix for this problem:

During installation of OS/2 2.0 on family 1 computers, noise from
MFM/RLL hardfiles and poor DASD performance exist.

Package Name - 360KFIX
External Name - 360K.ZIP

Fixes the reading and writing of 360K drives and the ability to format
a 1.2 MB drive on OS2 2.0. Replace IBM1FLPY.ADD and reboot system.

Package Name - INSTALLB
External Name - INSTB.ZIP

A set of two diskette images that allows one to boot from an A: drive
that is a 5 1/4" and use a set of OS/2 2.0 3 1/2" diskette in B: to
install OS/2 2.0

Package Name - VEMMGA

A replacement VEMM.SYS driver that will allow OS/2 2.0 to see EMM
memory that the GA code could not see when a program touched the
memory before it called it. Lotus apps generally had this problem.

Package Name - COMMGA

A new set of COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which support a new HW_COM DOS
property. The function of the new DOS property is to remove IO hooks
for the COM port without rebooting the system. Although it removes
the hooks, the check for contention is still supported. When this DOS
property is turned ON, FastLynx, D'Bridge, FSDUAT, AS/400 Asynch
Router, and FOSSIL Driver like X00.SYS work in OS/2. Within the same
machine, users also can run ProComm Plus and Prodigy at the same time.

Package Name - REXX20

|Latest version, dated 7/13/92.

APAR PJ03945
APAR PJ04178

A set of 4 REXX files and a information TXT file that tells you how to
install the fixes and more details on the fixes and APAR's.
|Additional Use samples included in REXX.TXT.

Package Name - MOUSE

Fix for the 'Wild Mouse' and loss of mouse control. If you should lose
the mouse, do not touch it for 15 seconds and it should resync. Copy
over the existing MOUSE.SYS and reboot.


VBIOS.SYS is a fix for these different problems:

APAR PJ03709 Loading into UMB with OEM machines with Extended BIOS
APAR PJ03889 Running reboot vector on Model 40 causes hang
APAR PJ03998 Running DOS HIMEM.SYS in VMBOOT on L40 SX and causing

The biggest problem is APAR PJ03709. SYS3176 is common on OEM machines
with Extended BIOS data area while loading into UMBs. This has been

To replace, just copy over the file in \OS2\MDOS. No need to include
in config.sys, since it is loaded automatically.

APAR PJ04220 NEC Turbo machines run slow

Package name - TURBO

TURBO.SYS is a fix for NEC machines with the TURBO option. Machines
running slow need this OS/2 device driver in CONFIG.SYS to make it
run in turbo mode. Putting it towards the top of CONFIG.SYS is best.

|APAR PJ04052 - HPFS problems
|Package HPFS
|This is a fix for HPFS systems reporting problems with SWAPPER.DAT when
|running CHKDSK. It should also fix the CPS:Extents error too. README file
|is in the ZIP file for further instructions.
|APAR PJ03837 BLACK ICONS on Desktop
|See README file in ZIP for further details.
|Replacement HP Laser Jet Windows drivers
|See README file in ZIP for further details. This driver will print up
|to 6 times faster.

* Fixes on OS2TOOLS *


Package Name - 2XMSE

A replacement MOUSE.SYS that will speed up the ballistics of the mouse
by two times approximately. Keep your old MOUSE.SYS around just in case
you do NOT like it. This ONLY works for PS/2 style mice.

Package Name - ENDVDM

This is a small DEBUG input file that will recreate a 7 byte program
that will close either a DOS Session (same as entering EXIT) or close
a Bootable VDM. This is the ONLY way to close a Bootable VDM.

Package Name - NETSRV

A fix for Novell Netware Lite 1.0. This will stop failures that kill a
DOS session.

Package Name - PALETT

This is a fix for LOTUS Freelance Palette problems. Some colors may
not display properly without this fix.

Package Name - RESTKN

A fix to allow you to RESET the T/R adapter while OS/2 2.0 is

Package Name - GT16MB

This is a new OS2LDR file that enables machines with greater than 16 MB
to use that memory (most clones had this problem). This fix is what we
feel is a final fix.


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