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Info-ZIP's FREE unzip program for OS/2 1.x+ (16 bit). Version 5.0 supports extended attributes (EA's). Version 5.0.
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Info-ZIP’s FREE unzip program for OS/2 1.x+ (16 bit). Version 5.0 supports extended attributes (EA’s). Version 5.0.
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Contents of the README file

File Readme for:

unzip50.zipgeneric Unix/VMS/OS2/MSDOS/Mac/Windows[/Amiga/Atari] UnZip 5.0
unzip50.zoosame as above, but ZOO format
unzip50.tar.Zsame as above, but compressed tar format

A public distribution version of the Info-ZIP project's generic UnZip
utility; 20 August 1992.


BEFORE YOU ASK: UnZip, its companion utility Zip, and related utilities
and support files can be found in many places; read the file "Where" for
further details. To contact the authors with suggestions, bug reports, or
fixes, continue reading this file (Readme) and the file "ZipRules". For
a list of known bugs and possible future features, read "BUGS". And for a
commented listing of the files included in the source distribution, read
"Contents" in said distribution.

This version of UnZip has been ported to a wide array of Unix and other
mainframes, minis, and micros (including VMS, OS/2, Minix, MSDOS, Windows,
Amiga (not tested recently), and Macintosh). Although highly compatible
with PKware's PKZIP and PKUNZIP utilities of MSDOS fame, our primary ob-
jective has been one of portability and other-than-MSDOS functionality.
Features not found in the PKWare version include default extraction of
directory trees (with a switch to defeat this, rather than the other way
around); VMS, Macintosh and OS/2 extended file attributes; and, of course,
the ability to run under most of your favorite operating systems.

See the main Contents file for a list of what's included. The individual
OS Contents files (e.g., VMS/Contents) may list important compilation info
in addition to explaining what files are what, so be sure to read them if
you're not compiling under Unix.

New features in this version include support for deflation (the new, high-
performance compression method introduced in the PKZIP 1.93 alpha); much
faster decompression; relaxed copyright restrictions, due to rewritten
code (see COPYING for details); multiple password guessing, for encrypted
zipfiles; support for options stored in an environment variable, to change
the default behavior; and a new Unix filter version of UnZip called FUnZip.
Many bugs were fixed as well. The History file details the changes, and
BUGS indicates the ones we haven't nailed just yet. 🙂

See unzip.1 or for usage (or zipinfo.1/ for ZipInfo
usage, or funzip.1/ you sense a pattern here?--for FUnZip
usage). Unfortunately the VMS versions of these documents are out of date
now; we hope to correct this soon.

All bug reports and patches (context diffs only, please!) should go to
[email protected], and suggestions for new features can be sent to
[email protected] (although we don't promise to use all suggestions).
If it's something which is manifestly useful, sending the required patches
to zip-bugs directly is likely to produce a quicker response than asking
us to do it. Those directly responsible for updating the code are somewhat
short on time these days. If you're considering a port, however, please
check in with Info-ZIP FIRST, since the code is constantly being updated
behind the scenes. We'll arrange to send you the latest source. The
alternative is the possibility that your hard work will be tucked away in
a sub-archive and pretty much ignored.

If you'd like to keep up to date with our UnZip (and companion Zip utility)
development, join the ranks of BETA testers, add your own thoughts and con-
tributions, etc., send your request to [email protected] and
Rich Wales will add you to the Info-ZIP newsletter mailing list.

Greg Roelofs (Cave Newt), UnZip maintainer,
with inspiration from David Kirschbaum

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