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C source on creating OS/2 PM dialog box dynamically (from Microsoft Onli.
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C source on creating OS/2 PM dialog box dynamically (from Microsoft Onli.
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Contents of the README file

This program demonstrates how to use WinCreateDlg() display a dialog box from
a template in memory rather than from a resource file.See the wndproc.c
file in the WM_COMMAND processing for the section of code that creates the
dialog box.

The format of the memory template is as follows.

DLGTEMPLATE structure Header
USHORT cbTemplate; overall length of template block
USHORT type;
USHORT codepage; codepage to be used to display text in the dialog
USHORT offadlgti; offset to array of DLGTITEMs
USHORT fsTemplateStatus;
USHORT iItemFocus; item to get focus initially. if 0, then focus goes
to first item who can have focus
USHORT coffPresParams; reserved. Should be 0 for PM 1.1
DLGTITEM adlgti[1]; array of DLGTITEMs

DLGTITEMS structure
USHORT fsItemStatus; Reservedshould be 0 for PM 1.1

USHORT cChildren; number of dialog item child windows owned by this
item. Child items should follow their parent in
the DLGTITEM array.

USHORT cchClassName; Class name length, if 0, then offClassName field
contains a WC_ constant or a value refering to a
class name.

USHORT offClassName; Class name text or constant.
USHORT cchText; length of text for this item.
USHORT offText; offset to text string in DLGTEMPLATE

ULONG flStyle; Window style of the control. 16 bits are standard
style bits. The remaining 16 bits depend on the
class of the control.

SHORT x; coordinates of the control in dialog box units
USHORT id; ID for this control.
USHORT offPresParams; Reserved. Should be 0.
USHORT offCtlData; Offset to control specific data for the dialog
item. A value of 0 indicates no control data for
this item.

More DLGTITEMs structures for each control in the dialog box.

Followed by extra data that is refered to in the control structures.
Such as:

Text for the controls.
Class names for the controls.


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