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OS/2 2.0 S3 drivers. For all S3 video cards incl. local bus. Beta.
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OS/2 2.0 S3 drivers. For all S3 video cards incl. local bus. Beta.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BVHENH0.DL@ 10340 9992 deflated
BVHENH4.DL@ 10345 9989 deflated
BVHENH8.DL@ 10342 9981 deflated
BVHVGA.DL@ 29154 28155 deflated
DSPINSTL.EXE 359102 127237 deflated
DSPINSTL.HLP 8539 4621 deflated
FONTS.FO@ 223699 219449 deflated
MONITOR.CFG 162 80 deflated
README.TXT 2543 1249 deflated
S31KX8.DL@ 170212 164571 deflated
S31KX8F0.DSP 486 217 deflated
S31KX8F4.DSP 486 218 deflated
S31KX8F8.DSP 490 220 deflated
S3800X8.DL@ 169434 163981 deflated
S380X8F0.DSP 486 214 deflated
S380X8F4.DSP 486 214 deflated
S380X8F8.DSP 486 215 deflated
S3FULL.DSC 1384 451 deflated
S3INST.DLL 17955 8969 deflated
VENH.SY@ 6310 5972 deflated
VVGA.SY@ 37018 35560 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Instructions for installing S3 drivers for 911, 924, 80X & 928 chipsets.

1. Unpack the S3 drivers to a temporary subdirectory (x:\S3)
2. From an OS/2 prompt issue: x:&cd x:\S3, then invoke DSPINSTL
(Make sure it is executing the one from the S3 Drivers)
3. The "display Driver Install" dialog box will be displayed.
Select the Primary Display Adapter option.

4. Under the "Primary Display Adapter Type menu,
select: "S3 86c911/ 924/80X/928 ".

5. Select the type of display device. The following are the available
. 1024 x 768 43 Hz, interlaced, 800 x 600 56 Hz
. 1024 x 768 60 Hz, 800 x 600 60 Hz
. 1024 x 768 70 Hz, 800 x 600 72 Hz

6. Select the desired display resolution.
The following are the available options:
. 800 x 600 x 256 VGA Upgrade
. 1024 x 768 x 256 VGA Upgrade

7. The "Source Directory" menu will be displayed. Set the source directory
to the appropriate drive and directory ( i.e. A: ) and proceed with
the install.

8. The installation may pause and display prompts to overwrite certain files.
Please answer YES for each file.

9. When the installation is done, the "Display Driver Install dialog"
will be displayed. Choose the "CANCEL" button in order to correctly

10. Select "OK" in the next displayed menu.

11. Edit CONFIG.SYS, find the line that starts with:


Make sure xxxxxxx is VIO_VGA, if it is VIO_SVGA change it back to VIO_VGA.

If DEVICE=x:\OS2\MDOS\VSVGA.SYS is present, comment it out.

The install will add or modify an existing SET VIO_VGA=(....,....) statement,
it misses the SET VIO_SVGA=(..,..) that may have been present, that is why
the above must be done.

Now, shut down the system and reboot. You should come up in your selected mode.

I have run these drivers on OS/2 2.1 beta, I have not tried them on 2.0 or

The following are problems I've encountered. At 1024x768 mode windows
are not alway correctly redrawn, especially prevelent on changing settings
pages, I haven't used 800x600 mode.

A dos windowed session can not be started, it just hangs during initialization,
however a dos full screen session can be started and then made windowed with

Screen switching between a DOS/FS display to WPS and then back to the DOS
FS will corrupt the DOS fullscreen.

Dos Graphics are very slow (ie WOLF3D) , turing on or off XGA_8514IO
does not make a difference.

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