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Allows changing of color within OS/2.
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Allows changing of color within OS/2.
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Contents of the KOLOR.DOC file

June 1988

KOLOR.EXE is a bound program, meaning it will run under OS/2 or DOS.
No matter which operating system(s) you use it on, the device driver
ASNI.SYS is required. If you're using DOS, the statement:


is required in your "config.sys" file. If you're using OS/2, the


is required in your "config.os2" or "config.sys" file.

If you add this statement to your "config.sys" or "config.os2" file, you
need to restart your machine in order for the statement to work.

The program sets screen colors for text. For information on how to run
the program, simply execute the program without any parameters from the
DOS or OS/2 command line:


Brief on-screen instructions along with a color chart will appear on
your screen.


Chuck Gilmore, Gilmore Systems

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