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Improved OS/2 driver for Mouse Systems and Logitech rodents.
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Improved OS/2 driver for Mouse Systems and Logitech rodents.
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Contents of the PCLOGIC.DOC file

This is a modified version of the Mouse Systems/Logitec driver with added support for
the Mouse Systems bus cards and improved support when moving the mouse quickly.

I fixed the overflow routines in the driver so the mouse will respond properly
when the mouse is moved quickly.

The driver's interface is the same as the interface for the old driver but with
the following extension.

To install the new driver, first back up the old file pclogic.sys in X:\OS2, where X is the
drive letter where OS/2 boots up from. Next, copy the new file pclogic.sys into

Then add the following lines to config.sys or make sure they are present.
The above lines should be in the same order as listed above. The above lines were
just copied out of my own config.sys.

Instead of just
I have added
where x is the I/O port location and y is the IRQ.

The following table may be used for the I/O port location
1 = 3F8
2 = 2F8
3 = 338
4 = 238

The following numbers for y may be used for the IRQ location
1 = IRQ 2
2 = IRQ 3
3 = IRQ 4
4 = IRQ 5
5 = IRQ 7
6 = IRQ 10
7 = IRQ 11
8 = IRQ 12
9 = IRQ 15

So for example, if you had a BUS card installed set to port 338 and IRQ 10
(the settings I use on my own bus card), the following statement should be
placed in config.sys


If you find this useful or have problems with the driver, I can be reached at
[email protected], or by snail mail,

Aaron Williams
35900 Turpin Way
Fremont, CA 94536-2666

By phone I can be reached at (408) 426-3053, which is my school number. This number should
be valid until June, 1994. After this time (or during vacation breaks), I can be reached
at (510) 792-0340.

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