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Patch for WD 1006 SR-2 controllers.
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Patch for WD 1006 SR-2 controllers.
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Contents of the WDPATCH.DOC file

WDPatch 1.02 - WD-1006-SR2 BIOS Zapper

Copyright 1989, 1990 Scott Samet


Disclaimer - there is no warranty that this program will do
anything. Use it at your own risk.

License - Use it, distribute it, but don't make any money
off it. Don't bother me about it either.

Trademarks - All trademarks belong to whoever they belong
to. Consider them acknowledged.

Purpose - Relocates the signficant part of the WD-1006-SR2
controller BIOS (all 32 bytes of it) to low memory. This
allows products like QEMM to map RAM over the BIOS,
resulting in more, less fragmented, high memory.

Use - Install this as a device driver BEFORE loading QEMM.
Add I=CC00-CDFF (or whatever address your BIOS lives at) to
the QEMM command line.

Brain Damaged Example -


Futhermore - This is likely to work with 386^Max and like
minded memory managers. It may work on a 286 with an
AllChargeCard. It may work with other disk controllers.

I wrote this for myself. It works for me. If it doesn't
work for you, delete it from your disk.

Don't even think about calling me on the phone. If you have
an uncontrolable urge to contact me, send E-mail to Fidonet
1:135/990 or Compuserve 70661,213.

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