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Programmer's Editor. Nice, fast text editor. Hooks that allow Turbo Pascal+C to be called from editor.
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Programmer’s Editor. Nice, fast text editor. Hooks that allow Turbo Pascal+C to be called from editor.
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Contents of the README file




IBM, and PC-DOS are trademarks of International Business Machines
Corp. MS-DOS is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Microsoft is a
trademark of Microsoft Corp. Turbo C and Turbo Pascal are
trademarks of Borland International. WordPerfect is a trademark of
WordPerfect Corporation. Wordstar is a trademark of MicroPro


If you are using a color display adapter card with a monochrome
monitor, run PEINSTAL and select the Mono Display option or set the
colors so that they are visible on your display.


Soft keys are the F1 to F10 or shift-F1 to shift-F10 function keys.
When a small up arrow is displayed on the screen in a softkey
label, press the SHIFT key and the FUNCTION key simultaneously to
activate the function. For example:

Soft Key (The caret ^ symbol is used here in place of the
Label up arrow because the up arrow cannot be printed.)
1|^ Menu | Press shift and F10 simultaneously to exit to the top
0| Next | level softkey menu. Press F10 to go to the next lower
+-------+ level softkey menu.


Softkeys are simply function key labels which are displayed at the
bottom of the screen. There are a hierarchy of softkey menus.
Pressing any top (or main) level softkey causes the selected lower
level softkeys to appear. Pressing the "Menu" softkey returns the
user to the top (or Main) level. When the up arrow symbol is
displayed in a softkey label, press the shift key and the function
key simultaneously to activate the softkey function which is
displayed next to the arrow symbol.


The key pad "Ins" key toggles the INSert and OVeRtype modes and
displays the current mode on the status line. In insert mode,
characters may be inserted wherever the cursor is. In overtype
mode, a character typed at the keyboard replaces the current
character. The key pad "Del" key deletes the current character.
The backspace (<-) key deletes the previous character.

READING FILES: Press the File, Dir softkey from the top level
menu and then press Read File or Insert File.

+-------+ The current file is abandoned and the user is
F| Read | prompted for a valid file name and the new file
1| File | is read into the editor.
F|Insert | The user is prompted for a file name and the file
7| File | is inserted into the current file following the
+-------+ line that the cursor is on.



Copy the diskette files into any directory, then execute the
PEINSTAL program and set the installation directory and other user


README This file
PE.DOC This is the users guide.
PE.EXE Programmer's editor
PEINSTAL.EXE Setup program
INSTALL.PE Installation instructions which may be displayed.
(This file cannot be printed.)

The following files are used for on line help and may not be printed
because they contain control characters:


- PE Version 1.0 Software License -

Programmer's editor is copyrighted by the author. If you obtained
this program from a shareware distributor or a bulletin board you
may use it to determine if it meets your text editing needs. If you
continue to use it, you must become a registered user. This version
of PE may be copied and shared with other users as long as the
entire diskette is copied. You are encouraged to share this software
with other users. The registered version of PE, which is available
only to registered users may not be distributed or copied except for
making a backup copy. Students may use this version of PE free of


The excitement of trying a new software package is the anticipation
that maybe this one will perform magic for you. PE will perform
magic for you! You will not find an editor that has the features
contained in PE for any price. There is no other editor that is as
easy to use as PE and has the features that PE has. PE is worth
much more than the registration cost and the registered version
comes with more features and utilities than the shareware version.
If you like PE and want me to continue to update and support it,
then register. If at any time, I feel that the number of
registrations I am receiving are not compensating me for the effort
I am putting into PE, then I will stop supporting it. You can
ensure that I will continue to support PE by registering now and the
magic will continue. Yearly update subscriptions are only available
to registered users. Join the PE club and receive yearly updates
and news.

Registered users will receive:

1) Question and answer support via U.S. mail or CompuServe.
2) Complete Documentation (25 page users guide on diskette
or optional printed manual)
3) Registered version of PE which has the following additional

- Multi level Undo capability allows undo of any
line, block or word delete operation
- 2 Views of the same file in 2 separate windows
- Mouse Menu
- Interface to Turbo C and Turbo Pascal MAKE utility
- Macro Editor
- Column Addition
- 144 user definable special character keys
- User programmable file filters with 4 file filters
included. The file filters perform conversion of
documents from non ascii formats to ascii.
- Separate Tab Filter utility
- Document Statistics utility (line count, word count,
lines per page, character count and lines of code count)
- Selective page print utility (print a selected range
of pages)
- Many more new features

4) Yearly update subscription: $15.00 per year, 1 update per year,
renewable yearly.

Purchase Options

Latest Version of PE on diskette: $25.00
Printed Users Guide: $10.00
PE club Yearly update subscription: $15.00

To become a registered user, use the order form on the next page
and submit payment for each individual user of PE. Site licenses
are available on request.

Programmer's Editor Order Form

Date: ________________

Specify one diskette type:

3 1/2 inch 720K ______
5 1/4 inch 360K ______

Include Printed Manual ______
PE club Yearly Update ______
| |
| Ship To: _____________________________ |
| _____________________________ |
| _____________________________ |
| _____________________________ |
| |
| |

Please enclose a check or money order for U.S. $25.00 per diskette,
and $10.00 per printed manual and mail this order form to:

Weidman Enterprises
24 Bickel Court
Sterling VA

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