Miscellaneous Language Source Code

MISC Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!RU03.ZIP81621Jul 21 1993Raster Utilities: Raster Clip (Screen Clip), RastPort (Conversion Program), Bin2Src, and xinfo. Programmers tools to convert PCX/BMP files to a format useable by Turbo C/Pascal.
1216REF.ZIP145600Dec 16 1988Great Programmers Guide to the IBM 80x86 family of computers.
130.ZIP3312Dec 9 1988Measure Elapsed Time for program runs, v1.3.
21HELP.ZIP30843Aug 3 1993Help with DOS INT 21 calls to bios, with descriptions.
2BGI.ZIP190188Mar 3 1991A graphics utility that will display PCX and LBM format files. Converts all or part of picture into a BGI file format. Includes TP and TC source code.
2EH.ZIP1518Mar 3 1987Undocumented Interrupt - Route to interpreter in Command.com.
4LOGIC10.ZIP32135Jun 25 1992Version control system written with 4DOS BTM files - Good sample code.
8085.ZIP13706May 7 1987Prolog source from A. Lane's "Simulating an 8085 with Prolog".
A370.ZIP96515Nov 7 1989A370 allows S/370 assembly language programmers to write, compile and run their assembly language programs on a PC.
ACM-1.ZIP313370Feb 5 1988A set of FORTRAN routines from the ACM. 1 of 4.
ACM-2.ZIP318264Feb 5 1988A set of FORTRAN routines from the ACM. 2 of 4.
ACM-3.ZIP330696Nov 11 1987A set of FORTRAN routines from the ACM. 3 of 4.
ACM-4.ZIP171995Feb 5 1988A set of FORTRAN routines from the ACM. 4 of 4.
AD12.ZIP183518Apr 23 1992Action Designer CASE tool. Shareware.
ADA-0501.ZIP17545May 2 1991List of ADA Validated Compliers, updated 5/1/91.
ADA-LRM1.ZIP147279Apr 5 1989Ada Language Reference Manual. (1 of 4).
ADA-LRM2.ZIP200823Nov 8 1988Ada Language Reference Manual. (2 of 4).
ADA-LRM3.ZIP42686Apr 5 1989Ada Language Reference Manual. (3 of 4).
ADA-LRM4.ZIP7918Apr 7 1989Ada Language Reference Manual. (4 of 4).
ADA-RATL.ZIP266675Apr 24 1988The complete Rational for the Design of the Ada programming language text file. Dry, but interesting reading.
ADA-RTIM.ZIP13038Apr 11 1991Text file that lists some of the documents that have been published that relate to Ada and real-time issues.
ADA-USE.ZIP14181Sep 1 1987A text file of ADA usage as of 9/87. Outlines some interesting military projects that are using Ada.
ADA.ZIP89362Mar 18 1987PD Ada subset interperter. Interesting to play with.
ADABOOKS.ZIP23205Jul 27 1987This file contains abstracts of many of the Ada textbooks available.
ADABRIEF.ZIP36698Feb 9 1991Help file for Brief covering Ada syntax.
ADALIB.ZIP18863Aug 11 1986DOS directory operations package for Janus/ADA written by S. Smith.
ADAMAKE.ZIP55097Jul 7 1988AdaMake is a batch file building program that automates the rebuilding of Ada programs that have become out of date due to source code revisions or recompiles.
ADAMENU2.ZIP17271Feb 17 1988A simple batch file menuing system written in Janus Ada. Includes full source code.
ADAPAL.ZIP16450Feb 15 1994FAQ on Ada from the Internet. Where to get sources, types of sources, etc.
ADAREF.ZIP220887Jan 24 1989Complete description of the ADA language as provided by the Government.
ADATODAY.ZIP8989Feb 21 1988Contains an on-line newsletter providing the latest information on events and publications related to the Ada programming language.
ADATU2.ZIP213111Mar 25 1991Herro's ADA tutorial system, v2.0 (Mar. '91). A comprehensive multi-platform ADA language tutorial.
ADATUT12.ZIP202511Dec 21 1988An interactive ADA language tutorial.
ADATUT3.ZIP222051Aug 22 1994Ada Tutorial v3.0 Implements the new 9X features. Nice program, starts you from the basics -> expert level.
ADAXREF.ZIP12516Nov 11 1986Cross reference utility for ADA, includes full ADA source code.
ADA_STYL.ZIP31958May 16 1990ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A, Ada Programming Language, provides a thorough definition of the language.
ADDHELP.ZIP8787Jun 18 1991Allows you to customize entries in the DOS 5.0 help program.
ADVICE.ZIP3419Mar 21 1987Some excellent words of wisdom for the beginning programmer.
AFD.ZIP35752Oct 21 1987Great full screen debugger!!.
AIAUTHOR.ZIP175188Oct 25 1989Amazing program that writes original news releases for the Department of Tranportation. New field of Software Authoring.
AIFAQ.ZIP56528Feb 21 1993FAQ on Artificial Intelligence. Feb.93'.
ALED15.ZIP50558Apr 21 1990ALan's EDitor v1.5. Programer's editor with many unique features. Very powerful, yet easy to use.
ALINK.ZIP30038Apr 22 1989Demo of new ALINK linker. This linker will automatically create an overlay structure for your program, allowing VERY large programs to fit into less then 640K. Great for dBase language programmers.
ALTMPX35.ZIP5410Sep 12 1992Ralf Brown's alternate multiplex interrupt specification proposal. Eliminate TSR conflicts and easily remove TSRs from memory using this specification.
AMAKE110.ZIP33899Mar 30 1993AMake 1.10 Superb make utility. Good docs.
AMAKE44A.ZIP76457Sep 10 1991Apex MAKE 0.44a. Excellent MAKE utility in a 20K .COM file. Has conditionals, include, long-command handling, VPATH, functions (from GNU), user-define functions, swap-out feature, great documentation. Samples.
AME86.ZIP6254Dec 21 1985CP/M emulator for MS-DOS.
AMISL090.ZIP60307Sep 12 1992Sample program source code to demonstrate utility of Ralf Brown's proposed alternate mutiplex specification proposal. Public Domain.
ANA015.ZIP33688Oct 1 1990Binary file analyzer, interprets binary data structures, dumps data in formats you design, display multiple files. Interface is similar to debug, with several very nice features.
ANALYZER.ZIP3304May 20 1993Example PROLOG code that performs static and dynamic code analysis.
APL-COMP.ZIP4542Jun 27 1992A Shopper's Guide to Free and Low-cost APL Interpreters/Demos. Includes descriptions, prices, addresses/telephone numbers.
APL100.ZIP122311Jul 17 1988An APL interpreter that conforms to the ISO, BSI and ANSI standard for APL. This is a great way to learn and use APL.
APLISW.ZIP204383Jun 30 1991Kenneth Iverson's introductory APL interpreter with on-screen help.
APPBRW.ZIP16550Feb 2 1992An application class browser for Digitalk's Smalltalk/V PM 1.3 and OS/2 1.x.
ARROW11.ZIP3825Aug 12 1989TSR programmer's utility - Move arrow about screen, coordinates are displayed to reflect the arrow's position.
ASC.ZIP2011Oct 1 1989Single-screen non-TSR popup of all 255 ASCII characters.
ASCII.ZIP9110Jan 7 1987Non-TSR ascii table, saves chars to disk.
ASCII10.ZIP2333Apr 16 1990TSR ASCII Chart v1.0 - Popup reference shows all 256 ASCII characters.
ASCIIM.ZIP2135Jul 6 1989This macro is used to display an ASCII table in Brief.
ASMED3.ZIP246418Aug 28 1990Version 3 of the great ASMED program. Creates an IDE environment for any compiler. Works great will all the Turbo languages.
ASMFLO.ZIP36760Apr 22 1988Flowchart ASM source codes, with demo.
ASPAPP.ZIP7198Feb 4 1990Application for Association of ShareWare Professionals.
ATEASE1.ZIP310300Jul 31 1992At Ease for computer programming = "The most detailed yet interesting approach to problem solving" - Part 1 of 2.
ATEASE2.ZIP235648Jul 31 1992At Ease for computer programming v1.4, Part 2 of 2.
ATIDRIV.ZIP12508Sep 3 1989A SuperVGA BGI driver for Turbo C and ATI VGA that uses 16-bit read/writes and super optimized code.
ATK1IBM.ZIP307969Mar 11 1993Utilities for working with data flow diagrams.
ATTIC101.ZIP116578Feb 25 1990Source code revision control system for the PC. First version, but looks like it has all the basics.
AUTNET20.ZIP70134Aug 2 1990A very interesting demo of Neural Network Software. Includes back propagation network ideas, along with other fun stuff.
AVTS.ZIP311061Jun 28 1993ARIS Version Tracking System (AVTS) is a low cost version control/configuration management system.
AWK-LISP.ZIP14578Jun 2 1994Lisp interpreter written in AWK. Truly one of the odder uses for AWK. Includes Eliza to diagnose your mental state.
AWK320.ZIP93019May 22 1991Version 3.2 of AWK string processing language.
AWKDEMO2.ZIP10600Dec 31 1989Demonstration AWK programs. Helpful when learning AWK programming.
BAG.ZIP3060May 20 1993BAG - a lisp implimentation of the BAG data structure.
BAGTAG.ZIP36863Jun 19 1993A C-Tags program written as a Macro for Brief editor in CBrief and C. Most recent version.
BBSTIP11.ZIP5294Jun 27 1992Tips on how to most effectively distribute shareware.
BCF7713B.ZIP185671Dec 1 1992Fortran-77 compiler/linker/debugger ver 1.3b.
BDEBUG.ZIP4542Mar 14 1987Bdebug is a debugging tool designed to help programmers which are using the Btrieve record manager. It traces each call to Btrieve and displays all parameters sending to and receiving from Btrieve.
BDISK10.ZIP18113Dec 14 1987The BDISK Library is a library of routines to interface with the BIOS 5 1/4", 360K, floppy disk services. Routines are provided for formatting, reading, writing, and verifying absolute disk sectors.
BGI256-3.ZIP154917Feb 14 1993256 color Super VGA driver for Borland's C & Pascal BGI graphics. Contains full ASM source code showing how BGI drivers are implemented.
BGIANI.ZIP34040Dec 3 1989A animation demo of the new Borland BGI graphics drivers (VGA).
BGIDRV.ZIP73256May 31 1989Borland's 5/89 BGI drivers for Turbo Languages.
BGIFNT.ZIP55144May 31 1989Borland's 5/89 BGI Fonts for Turbo Languages.
BGIFONT.ZIP55144May 31 1989BGI Font Editor, Develop Your Own Fonts.
BGIKIT10.ZIP243244Jun 4 1989Borland's BGI toolbox. Allows you to create graphic fonts and modes.
BGINAMES.ZIP32638May 24 1993Displays all the borland .CHR font files so you know what you have to work with when programming. I have supplied a few for demo purposes.
BIN2DEC.ZIP8238Jul 16 1993Simple binary to decimal converter.
BIOS-DOS.ZIP22559Aug 13 1987Handy "cheat-sheet" card for common BIOS and DOS calls.
BIOSDOS.ZIP22565Jan 1 1980Programmers's reference card for BIOS and DOS calls.
BNSLIB.ZIP29741Aug 26 1987BNSLIB can copy object modules out of libraries created by MS LIB, examine MS LIB libraries and convert MS LIB libraries to Borland's QLIB format. Many other library management utilities.
BRF3DIR.ZIP7025Sep 29 1989A full-fledged, integrated environment for manipulating files and directories from within BRIEF. Uses the dialog manager. Full Brief source.
BRIEFSRC.ZIP110181Oct 3 1987Prize winning macros for the BRIEF editor. Very helpful.
BUBBLE.ZIP73879Sep 19 1988Very interesting disassembler. Works very well, and includes many options that allow you to customize its operation.
BXDISASM.ZIP15778Nov 1 1986Brand X Debugger.
C-256VGA.ZIP9300Feb 3 1989VGA256 is a reverse-engineered BGI driver for Orchard's Designer VGA.
CALJNC.ZIP59056Jan 1 1993CALC_JNC v9.12. The Ultimate TSR Calculator. Automatic conversions from decimal, hex, octal and binary. All logical functions supported. Full floating point calculations.
CBRIEF.ZIP48018Nov 12 1990Quick Help help file for BRIEF macro language (C like version).
CC68K.ZIP82316Nov 6 1986C compiler that produces Motorola 68000 code. Runs on a MS-DOS machine, and includes full C source code that can be compiled with Microsoft C.
CHART20.ZIP216169Mar 11 1993Whitewater Group Actor source code for business charts, Version 2.0.
CLC501.ZIP50694Aug 30 1989C Lister V5.01, exe & docs. Formats your source with many options.
CLIST.ZIP28774Dec 12 1986Source file pretty printer.
CLNCODE2.ZIP21056May 15 1988Cleans comments from programs in any language, for debugging source code.
COBOL.ZIP42784Mar 21 1986Would you belive a PC COBOL compiler? Here it is!.
COBOL701.ZIP175001May 25 1991A very nice shareware Cobol compiler. Includes sample source.
COBOL85.ZIP26797Apr 18 2000A collection of COBOL programs.
CODEVIEW.ZIP161483Jun 27 1986Demo of Microsoft's CodeView - The .EXE file file is restricted.
CODY.ZIP13420Apr 12 1988Math functions in ada.
COGTEX.ZIP134531Aug 11 1988Expert System with Hyper-Text hooks. Very interesting.
COLORCHT.ZIP8001May 15 1990Popup color table TSR for programming editors. Gives decimal equivalent of foreground and background combinations.
COLORS.ZIP5053Feb 23 1987Shows all the screen colors. Great for programing.
COMPFREE.ZIP32238Oct 31 1992List of free compilers and interpreters from Internet.
COMPROG.ZIP34492Apr 19 1988Assorted utility programs for a VAX minicomputer.
CONVERT1.ZIP11642Dec 18 1991Dec-Bin-Hex-Oct Programmers Calculator/Converter (works with anything).
COPYROM.ZIP1654Apr 3 1988Copy ROM modules to a disk file.
CPE601.ZIP103214May 8 1990Compiler Programming Enviroment. Allows you to combine your favorite compiler, editor, and debugger all together.
CRCSET11.ZIP31081Nov 18 1990Excellent routines that will create an internal CRC file verification. Includes code for C or Turbo Pascal programs.
CREF11.ZIP54932Jun 26 1992Charts of Reference v1.1: Includes reference info such as keyboard scan codes, ASCII characters, color codes, more. Includes TSR version.
CSD108.ZIP127195Oct 23 1991A control structure design editor for software designers.
CVSFOR.ZIP8011Jun 6 1993A C vs Fortran discussion.
CXT212.ZIP284046Jul 3 1993C function call tree and data structure usage analyzer. Shareware.
DEBUT141.ZIP90645Jul 29 1990Screen generator like TheDraw, except it can save screens as actual program code to recreate the screens you draw.
DEC2ALL.ZIP25232Jul 31 1993Converts positive, negative, AND fractional decimal numbers into octal, hexidecimal, and binary numbers.
DECODE10.ZIP138810Dec 7 1992Decode It! is a simple, yet powerful fourth generation language tailored for binary data interpretation. By applying simple format rules to raw binary data, Decode It! transforms cryptic data into readable ASCII text.
DELTA42.ZIP37774Jan 5 1989DELTA-4 is the first of a set of interrelated Artificial Intelligence / Expert System programs called The Brain Thieves.
DEMO20.ZIP11688Sep 6 1992The DEMO program is designed to convert any .EXE or .COM program to a time-limited version of the program.
DFDEVAL.ZIP167405Sep 14 1988This is a great program that allows programers to directly access files that have been written with C or Pascal. It also converts between C and Pascal types. Excellent for manuplating data files created with RECORD.
DFILL20.ZIP27844Jun 9 1989DrawFill 2.0 graphics utility for Turbo languages (create fill patterns).
DIFF.ZIP10805Jun 12 1985Difference between Files. Great programers utility for sending outsource code updates.
DIFUP.ZIP35241Jun 29 1987A nice little source code management system.
DIGITIZE.ZIP60719Jan 28 1989Digitize and record speech with this prog. and simple circuit.
DINEROII.ZIP38561Aug 25 1989Dinero III is a trace-driven cache simulator that supports sub-block placement. Simulation results are determined by the input trace and the cache parameters. Full C source.
DLGDS411.ZIP202192Jan 19 1994Latest Dialog Designer for Turbo Vision. Support for both the Pascal and C versions.
DMAKE38.ZIP140606Mar 11 1993DMAKE make utility version 3.8. EXE only.
DMLIST.ZIP36544Jan 19 1988Format your source code - Pascal, C, dbase.
DOSCALLS.ZIP12421Sep 17 1985A list of calls embedded in DOS.
DOSDEV2.ZIP22166Oct 7 1989A very nice tutor that shows you how to write a DOS device driver. Includes plenty of ASM and C source code.
DOSUNDOC.ZIP2992May 3 1987Undocumented dos functions.
DPADA.ZIP28669Mar 23 1989Dining Philosphers Problem in Ada W/SRC, uses Tasking, very educational.
DRAWFILL.ZIP43846Nov 1 1988Graphics tool for use with Borland's Turbo languages.
DRIVER.ZIP101610Apr 14 1986A Device Driver Primer.
DRIVERS.ZIP8828May 15 1985Write Device Drivers with a little help.
DSKLKD.ZIP125785Jul 13 1993Create copy-protected programs, includes libraries for C and Basic.
DURASCRN.ZIP36752Jun 26 1987Excellent screen generator.
DWRK11I.ZIP161341Sep 16 1993Demo Workshop V1.1i Demo/Presentation Maker (ASP) - Create presentations using screens recorded from your PC. Edit like a movie: cut, resequence scenes, add pop-up text windows and menus. Special effects too. Output is a
E!518.ZIP395653Nov 26 1990This is an excellent multi-file editor for programmers. It offers all the power of Brief including macro language. It also has it own API!.
EASYSHEL.ZIP16588Jul 19 1989Very simple DOS shell for running programs or batch files. Works with mo.
EC304.ZIP139206Dec 5 1991Electric C - an excellent set of Brief 3.x macros for C programmers.
ED23.ZIP157297Apr 12 1990An excellent text editor for programmers. Many popular features.
EDIINS.ZIP31664Feb 29 1992EDI Install is a complete customizable installation program for Windows. A simple to use information file makes creation of the distribution disks a breeze. Supports multiple disks, any size media, compression, optional
EDITFIL3.ZIP4734Jan 17 1990Brief 3.0 - Very nice edit_file replacement macro.
EHELP.ZIP67956Feb 19 1991EXpert Help - Updated Norton Guides - more features less RAM.
EIE.ZIP37553Jan 13 1991EIE is a programming tool to help BGI programmers to create images.
ELMER100.ZIP61648May 1 1992Expert System based on finite state machine. Simple to implement using pencil and paper. Built in text editor. Ideal for educational and software support knowledgebases.
ELMOP10.ZIP20957Apr 7 1993Library of MS FORTRAN callable DOS functions.
EMACS.ZIP37502Jun 10 1986PC version of the UNIX world's multi-window SW development environment.
EMDOC38B.ZIP72005Jan 23 1987Documentation for EMACS editor. (see emacs38b.arc).
EPISTAT.ZIP59312Sep 1 1985Statistic programs in Basic.
EQUATORA.ZIP29957Nov 21 1988EQUATOR is a 32-bit multi-function programmers utility.
ERR.ZIP22730May 19 1992Get the error description instead of just the error code. Very good for programmers.
ERROR#.ZIP5595Jun 9 1992If you're tired of looking up error codes, this could be what you're looking for. This program will get you the error code wording by typing it into your working PC. Nice little program and it doesn't take a lot of room.
ESIE.ZIP96129Mar 31 1987Ai program with some demo.
ESLPDPRO.ZIP177417Feb 21 1991A public domain version of PROLOG. More full featured than PDPROLOG.
EUPHOR10.ZIP331881Jul 7 1993Euphoria Programming Language compiler for 386+ DOS and 2MB.
EVBGI2.ZIP8461Jul 31 1989TC v2.0, TP v5.0, v5.5 BGI files for Everex EVGA boards.
EVOLV201.ZIP206662Jul 23 1993An outline processor and programming tool. .
EX2CM104.ZIP16645Mar 8 1988EXE2COM ver. 1.04 (03/08/88) with complete source code in C.
EXCHANGE.ZIP11570Feb 7 1986EXCHANGE is a program which exchanges one list of tokens for another within a file. It can be used to exchange Pascal symbols for C, etc.
EXEC33A.ZIP95565Jul 5 1993Update of EXEC, a set of C, Pascal, and Assembly modules (with source) for executing another program while swapping current program to EMS, XMS, or disk.
EXEMOD.ZIP4978Mar 27 1990EXEMOD - Modify global variables in EXE or COM files.
EXPERT.ZIP59078Jan 9 1986Excellent basic expert system generator.
EXTMEM.ZIP152644Jun 5 1992Complete specifications for the Extended Memory standard. Written by Microsoft for HIMEM.SYS.
EZCASE17.ZIP247540Mar 1 1990EasyCase by Evergreen Version 1.7 (Shareware) CASE program. A very easy-to-use, yet powerful, Computer Aided Software Engineering tool.
EZINST15.ZIP14292Nov 20 1992EZ-INSTALL is an easy to use, easy to set up installation program.
FASCVT1.ZIP13960Jun 25 1991Display scan codes for keystrokes in decimal, binary, and hex.
FATDOS.ZIP20958May 2 1988Useful dos functions for PC based FORTRAN compilers.
FDRAW22A.ZIP103917Nov 30 1990FLODRAW is a flowchart drawing program that prints full page black and white diagrams. It will help you draw flowcharts, system diagrams, and electrical diagrams. Part 1 of 2.
FDRAW22B.ZIP130422Nov 30 1990FLODRAW is a flowchart drawing program that prints full page black and white diagrams. It will help you draw flowcharts, system diagrams, and electrical diagrams. Part 2 of 2.
FFT_FOR.ZIP4426Sep 20 1986Source to perform Fast Fourier Transforms in Fortran.
FGCYCL10.ZIP22439Jun 4 1991Demo of using cyclic functions with Fast Graphics.
FGDEMO30.ZIP207612Aug 25 1993Fastgraph Graphics library demo for ver 3.0.
FGFISH13.ZIP31016Feb 23 1992Demo of Fast Graphics libraries. Demo is a display of a fish tank very smooth animation.
FGF_EDT1.ZIP60401Apr 15 1993FastGraph Fonts Editor v1.0B1 - Up To 64 X 48 Pixel.
FGL402A.ZIP367063Feb 6 1995Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.02. Graphics toolkit for popular C, Basic, Pascal, and Fortran compilers. Over 225 routines. Supports 28 video modes. This evaluation version uses a TSR. Linkable libraries may be purch
FGL402B.ZIP300435Feb 6 1995Fastgraph/Light graphics library Users Guide and Reference Manual. Use with FGL402A.ZIP.
FGL402C.ZIP60883Feb 6 1995Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.02. Example programs in C for use with FGL402A.ZIP.
FGL402F.ZIP65190Feb 6 1995Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.02. Fortran source for example programs. Use with FGL402A.ZIP.
FILELST.ZIP5162Jan 19 1990BRIEF 2.0 macro. Pick file to edit from a scroll box.
FILEPICK.ZIP15271Jul 19 1989File picking utility for Microsoft "M" Editor. Excellent!.
FILESELE.ZIP14000Dec 19 1992Overlay utility to select file name from a directory for use in PASCAL, C and other languages. Very helpfull in your applications to pass name of already exist file or to create new. Mouse support available.
FILSEL26.ZIP16052Jan 8 1993Use this utility to select a filename from a directory and pass it to your PASCAL or C application. Directory sort, mask, directory and drive change, new file creation and OS shell included. Mouse support and screen save/r
FILXRF13.ZIP73151Oct 1 1991FileXref is a new type of cross reference tool for programmers and consultants. It will scan all your application source and ASCII documentation files, producing cross reference information.
FINISH24.ZIP103628Apr 1 1993The Finishing Touch - the smallest, most powerful, easiest to use software installer with the best file compression available anywhere. For software developers. Evaluation copy.
FLG302A.ZIP316694Jul 31 1993Fastgraph/Light graphics library V3.02 for BC++, TC, TC++, MSC, QuickC, Power C, ZC++, QB, BASIC PDS, VBDOS, Turbo Pascal, and MS FTN. Over 175 routines, from pixel display to animation tools.
FLG402D.ZIP56926Feb 6 1995Fastgraph/Light graphics library V4.02. BASIC source code for the example programs in the Fastgraph User's Guide.
FLIB120.ZIP28151Feb 21 1990Rev 5 FOSSIL Interface Library v1.20. Pascal and C callable.
FLOWC.ZIP83997Feb 14 1989Excellent FLOWCHARTING program v2.22.
FLOWCHT2.ZIP92596Nov 12 1987FlowChart II+ demo.
FLPPDEMO.ZIP105776Nov 28 1989Foreign Language Pre-Processor for C. Demo Package. Eases source code mace for multiple foreign languages. Distribute freely.
FLXREF13.ZIP73151Oct 1 1991FileXref is a new type of cross reference tool for programmers and consultants. It will scan all your application source and ASCII documentation files, producing cross reference information.
FNKLST12.ZIP16545Sep 22 1989Programmer's utility that scans source files and produces a listing of Procedure and Function names along with their location. Works with Pascal, Clipper, and other dBase type languages.
FONTOBJS.ZIP171970Feb 3 1993Many .OBJ files to change screen font.
FORGE20.ZIP82034Jan 24 1987FORGE is a FORm GEnerator for TURBO Pascal and dBASE III data input forms. The user can paint a screen using color, ASCII graphics characters and blinking text.
FORLIB06.ZIP22384Oct 6 1988Fortran utilities subroutines.
FORLIB17.ZIP12857Sep 16 1986Fortran Sub-Routines.
FORMULA.ZIP7739Apr 23 1988Text file for a number of useful calculations including some very nice date manipulations.
FORTRAN.ZIP210287Jan 10 1991A Fortran compiler that does not support floating-point operations, but still contains the rudiments of the language.
FORTRDOS.ZIP4948Apr 25 1985Execute DOS Commands from FORTRAN Programs.
FORTRN77.ZIP31691Dec 14 1983A set of Fortran scientific routines.
FTNCHECK.ZIP305715Jul 25 1993Robert Moniot's Fortran source code checker.
FUZZGEN.ZIP86784Sep 6 1993Windows fuzzy logic generator. Source Code generator for Fuzzy Logic.
GIMME.ZIP12452Oct 31 1990Gimme-A-Break. TSR Debugging tool. Allows you to set multiple break points while debugging.
GIPV301.ZIP109989Mar 30 1992Program installer for those programmers too busy to write their own.
GK2132BS.ZIP473043Aug 23 1992GNU Gawk version 2.13 enhanced Awk programming/text processing language, source code for many systems: Unix, Linux, Dos, OS/2, VMS, Tos, etc. Includes comprehensive test suite to validate build. Freeware from Free Software
GNUF772C.ZIP2945Dec 5 1992Status report and information about the Free Software Foundation's new GNU Fortran compiler.
GOP.ZIP1226Jan 1 1980Introduction to G.O.P. (Good Oriented Programming), the "PERFECT" looking source code.
GRAFX.ZIP48947Jan 23 1989GRAphics Fortran eXtension library for Lahey F77L & LP77.
GRAMMAR.ZIP100771Jul 28 1992Formal Lex and Yacc grammars for C, Fortran, Pascal, Ada, Modula2, etc.
GRSOUND.ZIP51985Jun 23 1991Graphics demo written in Turbo C and Masm 6.0. Gives some tips for accessing graphic modes using ASM and a high level language.
HACKROM.ZIP45616May 13 1987Provides the ability to write a ROM to disk, and then make modifications to it. Includes full C source code.
HASH.ZIP4836Oct 7 1985Various methods of producing hash codes. BASIC, Pascal, and ASM source code is used in different examples.
HDOS.ZIP5260Feb 4 1987Prolog shell for DOS.
HELPGEN.ZIP120550Aug 2 1991Hypertext help screens designer and library for use with QuickBasic and C. TSR engine included for adding hypertext help screens to any program.
HERCULES.ZIP32721Sep 6 1986C and Asm programs that help you to learn how to program the Herc board.
HF0220.ZIP2278Aug 20 1991How to read the command line from Microsoft Fortran 4.0/4.1.
HF0225.ZIP243762Jan 24 1992Microsoft Fortran 5.0 patch to correct problems with STRUCTURE and NAMELIST.
HF0258.ZIP34148Sep 28 1992Routines to allow elememtary key entry functions with Microsoft Fortran.
HF0304.ZIP11726Mar 11 1993Microsoft Fortran Application note on how to increase the number of file handles available in MS Fortran 5.0 & 5.1.
HF0405.ZIP2003Sep 17 1991Patch for MIcrosoft Fortran 5.0 to correct incorrect results returned by 8087 chips.
HF0406.ZIP35084Aug 20 1991ASM routines to allow DOS and BIOS interrupt calls from Microsoft Fortran.
HF0450.ZIP33165Sep 19 1991Microsoft Fortran functions for alternatives to terminating a Quickwin Program.
HF0451.ZIP11424Mar 11 1993Microsoft Fortran patch to correct near heap memory allocation problem.
HF0454.ZIP4346Aug 19 1991Microsoft Fortran patch to correct a problem writing huge data items to unformatted or binary files within Quickwin apps.
HF0483.ZIP56595Mar 11 1993Updated Microsoft Fortran Setup program.
HF0484.ZIP3057Nov 11 1991Microsoft Fortran patch to correct L2029 error in mixed language Windows programming with Fortran and C.
HF0556.ZIP23326Aug 25 1992Using WX & WX Server with Microsoft Fortran Programs.
HIMEM206.ZIP7367Mar 21 1989Himem v2.06 utilize memory above 640K barrier.
HLPDK80.ZIP351952Aug 1 1993Cross-platform help compiler for DOS, OS/2, Windows, and Desqview/X.
HWAB51_1.ZIP532776Aug 26 1994Help Writer's Assistant for Windows, V1.0 beta V.1. Also download HWAB51_2.ZIP.
HWAB51_2.ZIP496446Aug 26 1994Help Writer's Assistant for Windows, V1.0 beta V.1. Also download HWAB51_2.ZIP.
IBIS.ZIP234003Jan 8 1990IBIS is an Expert System Development Environment for the PC. Very nicely done, provides a full windowing programming enviroment.
ICON8A.ZIP33451Sep 14 1990Icon Version 8.0 is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that is designed for nonnumerical applications. Complete compiler and examples. Part 1 of 5.
ICON8B.ZIP51437Mar 29 1990Icon Version 8.0. Part 2 of 5.
ICON8C.ZIP80489Mar 29 1990Icon Version 8.0. Part 3 of 5.
ICON8D.ZIP87635Mar 29 1990Icon Version 8.0. Part 4 of 5.
ICON8E.ZIP1993Sep 28 1986Icon Version 8.0. Part 5 of 5.
IMPRESS.ZIP138031Jul 2 1992Impress v2.1 - First Impression allows software developers to install their software easily on end user's computers. Features include documentation printing, destination space check, hard coding of registration info and mo
INFO151.ZIP5604Jul 13 1990InfoBar v1.51 - TSR Programmers Ruler - Shows X,Y, Color, ASCII #, and screen offset of any character on the screen. Takes 3k of memory.
INSPRO3.ZIP324732May 28 1994EDI Install Pro 3.0 Windows setup/installation utility.
INSTALL.ZIP41767Aug 19 1989This program is a complete installation program that is useful for software authors. It will handle the install process with very little setup on the authors side.
INSTALL3.ZIP67770Jun 3 1992Updated version of Open INSTALL, a great installation package for software publishers.
INT13NEW.ZIP6596Aug 17 1985Trace and trap calls to interrupt 13. Great help in debugging.
INT14.ZIP30913Oct 14 1986Async ROM BIOS (Int14H) Enhancements.
IX120.ZIP319158Mar 13 1992Software Installation Program. Supports Compressed Files.
I_C.ZIP59056Oct 1 1989I&C, a resident debugger. It is both resident, and debugs resident programs.
JORF_1.ZIP108754Apr 1 1992Object-oriented interpreter for DOS and Windows. Allows you to create business apllications that will run under DOS and Windows. File 1/4 -- documentation.
JORF_2.ZIP150578Apr 1 1992File 2/4 of object-oriented interpreter. This file contains the DOS executables.
JORF_3.ZIP155278Apr 1 1992File 3/4 of object-oriented interpreter. Contains Windows 3.x executables.
JORF_4.ZIP165648Apr 1 1992File 4/4 of object-oriented interpreter. Misc. files.
JPI-BGI.ZIP690May 25 1990Text file describing how to interface Borland's BGI with JPI's Modula-2. This is from JPI's BBS. This documentation was left off the distribution disks.
JULIAN.ZIP1158Nov 16 1988Julian Date routines for RM/Cobol-85.
KINOOP.ZIP142486Oct 24 1992"KIN" is an object programming system offering object-oriented programming features including polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation.
LADYBUG.ZIP119124Dec 31 1989LADYBUG LOGO implimentation. A very nice programming, graphics, music package for computer beginers.
[email protected]50585Nov 8 1987Norton-like Integrator for Programming Languages, w/Src.
LAST200.ZIP9766Mar 6 1988TSR Pop-Up Programmers utility. ASCII chart, etc.
LAT-LON.ZIP2801Jan 18 1990Fortran Subroutines to convert LAT/LON to a map projection.
LCMS.ZIP96359Jun 9 1994Laurel COBOL Maintenance Support System 2.0 is a maintenance programmer's productivity improvement tool. This system converts mainframe COBOL source programs into a standard, more legible format, making it easier to deciph
LDS_10.ZIP94567Mar 11 1993Lossless Datacompression Sources 1.0 A compilation of source code for 9 types of data compression including Huffman, LZW, Arithmatic, Splay Trees, etc.
LEXYACC.ZIP104886Aug 14 1990Lex and Yacc utilities for DOS. No source code.
LGDEMO.ZIP73268Aug 16 1989Slideshow demo (good) and special offer for LOGIC GEM.
LIAL93.ZIP44718Sep 26 1993Large Interger Arithmetic Language version 9.3.
LIBDIR.ZIP7780Jun 16 1990Extract object modules from Microsoft LIBraries.
LIBRA13.ZIP22488Jan 21 1989Front end for MIcrosoft LIB library utility. Aids in library management.
LIBRY44.ZIP139602Apr 6 1988Assembly Sub-Routines for MS Fortran.
LIBRY51.ZIP186901Nov 10 1989Fortran Callable Library - Screen, Math, Fast File Handling, Plotting, Therom Properties, Vector Emulations. Written By D.J. Benton at TVA.
LIBSCN.ZIP6328Jan 6 1987This program scans Microsoft MSDOS .LIB files and reports the various modules and symbols defined/referenced therein. With C source.
LINPACK.ZIP10232Jun 26 1989MIPS Magazine Benchmarks. Full FORTRAN Source Code.
LOVR114.ZIP16026Mar 14 1989LOVR is an overlay manager for QuickBASIC versions 4.x and all versions of Turbo C. Should work with any language that uses the standard Microsoft LINK format.
LZSSLI.ZIP17624Jan 12 1992LZSSLib is a compression library (DLL) for Windows programmers.
MAKE15.ZIP30784Nov 4 1989Excellent Make program that is BSD compatible (with C source code) for MSC 5.1 and UNIX C compilers.
MAKE4.ZIP18570Oct 14 1984A great programmer's MAKE utility.
MATBYU.ZIP159610Apr 28 1990MATRIX.BYU is a general purpose FORTRAN program for performing matrix operations (includes source).
MATCHLSP.ZIP5445Apr 27 1991Lisp source code to implement pattern matching. Has the ability to process wild-card patterns. Runs under XLISP2.00, but will also run under PCLISP3.0 with minor modifications.
MATHFUN.ZIP5011Apr 12 1988Ada language math functions.
MAX.ZIP178755Mar 12 1988MAX programming language. Similiar to C, LISP and BASIC.
MCD104.ZIP50373Aug 31 1988Mouse Cursor Designer req. graphics/mouse.
MEMWALK.ZIP15692Nov 8 1986An excellent Debug helper. This program will walk you through memory displaying values in both hex and ASCII.
MENDFONT.ZIP32396Feb 17 1991Utility for BGI Toolkit Font Editor. Attempts to fix the Font file produced by the Font Editor Program FE so that it can be re-edited.
METAED10.ZIP410169Mar 15 1993MetaEdit 1.0, CASE program, runs under Windows. Shareware version, supports 3 analysis methods, $75 reg adds one bonus method. Documentation in .WRI format.
MEW3NG.ZIP103242Jul 2 1990Norton Guides for Mewel Windows.
MINPACK.ZIP176672Jan 27 1989FORTRAN optimization routines from Argonne National Laboratory.
MJNSTUFF.ZIP18417Jul 9 1990Nice utilities for F-PC by Mike Nemeth. Includes new DOTSS.SEQ.
MKINF10.ZIP151489Nov 2 1990GNU project info viewer: a hypertext browser for the GNU project's.
MKMENU.ZIP46889May 22 1992MakeMenu - a simple slidebar menu generator for C, Pascal, DBaseIII+, Basic programmers. Shareware.
MKTEXT20.ZIP13742Sep 23 1990MakeText is a file conversion utility that takes as input a Borland format help file, TURBO.HLP for instance, and creates text files that are suitable for input to the Turbo Power Software MAKEHELP utility.
MOUSEDIT.ZIP159448Apr 1 1992Editor for creating/modifying graphical mouse cursors.
MPREP11.ZIP24658Feb 25 1991Macro Preprocessor to give "C" like preprocessing to any language. Includes full TP source code.
MSASSIST.ZIP20643Jan 25 1988Programmer's Helper. ASCII table, Calculator, etc.
MSIGUIDE.ZIP43995Mar 14 1991Norton Guides clone - requires less memory. Very nice.
MSWLOG32.ZIP558114Mar 5 1993MswLogo v3.2 - Logo programming language for Windows.
MTD.ZIP24162Oct 19 1990Complete source code from Tom Swan's "Mastering Turbo Debugger".
MTRANS.ZIP2398Feb 4 1990Brief 3.0 Macro - Multi-buffer translate.
MULTIBAK.ZIP24048Oct 17 1989MULTIBAK is a multiple generation file backup utility. It will save an unlimited number of previous copies of a text file.
MUMPS.ZIP116912Jun 7 1987U.C. Mumps AI Programming Language.
MUMPSDEM.ZIP57461Oct 8 1987Demo of the MUMPS language. Interesting.
NDMAKE45.ZIP90913Dec 13 1987New shware ver. of unix-like prog util.
NEC-V20.ZIP162608Mar 31 1986A collection of Nec-V20 macro's, debugger, 8080 mode executive etc.
NETS_1.ZIP112903Jan 25 1990NASA Neural Network Program - With C Source - Part1 of 2.
NETS_2.ZIP43380Jan 25 1990NASA Neural Network Program - With C Source - Part 2 of 2.
NEURAL.ZIP138821Oct 3 1987Neural Nets simulators with source code. Collection of neural set simulators. Includes associative memories and back propagation networks. Sources in C, Pascal, and Basic.
NEUROSIM.ZIP106287Mar 9 1990Neural network simulator. Supports two different learning models -- Back-prop and kohonen.
NEWBUFFS.ZIP10744Oct 6 1989BRIEF macro -- Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility.
NGDD.ZIP18394Nov 22 1988Norton Guide Database Dis-assembler. Excellent utility for Programmers.
NGPRINT.ZIP15447Oct 19 1991A simple utility that will print out a Norton Guide.
NGS12.ZIP18171Aug 12 1988Converts Norton Guides Database File -> ASCII Text File.
NGU21.ZIP9647Apr 28 1991Utility to disassemble Norton Guide files for printing or viewing.
NG_CLONE.ZIP30789Feb 12 1990Norton Guide clone with source in TP5. Will do 1/2 screens fine, but has trouble when switching to full screen mode. TSR capability.
NNFAQ.ZIP27330Feb 21 1993FAQ on Neural Networks. Feb.93'.
NNS10.ZIP28724Mar 26 1987Neural Network Simulator for intro to AI.
NOCOM.ZIP12836Apr 4 1989NOCOM will strip the comments from a Pascal or C source file.
NONLIN.ZIP49480Mar 25 1993FORTRAN source for nonlinear curve fitting. Requires editing of a routine for new curve to be fitted and recompiling. Old but timeless.
NS.ZIP95813Apr 26 1990Nassi-Shneidermann flowchart generator. Nassi-Shneidermann flowcharts are more like pseudo-code than traditional flowcharts.
OBERONM.ZIP127540Feb 24 1991Oberon-M Compiler. Nicklas Wirth's newest language creation. Similiar to Pascal and Modula II.
OBJ-TEST.ZIP4007Oct 15 1988Test cases where OBJ2ASM fails.
OBJDUMP.ZIP17359Sep 18 1988Object file dump utility.
OBRON386.ZIP640668Jun 6 1993Oberon language and object oriented operating environment from ETH.
ODASST30.ZIP186898Mar 3 1989PD Expert system.
OFFSET.ZIP8322Apr 13 1990Intel HEX file format load address relocator. Includes full TP 5.0+ source code as well as EXE.
OJ.ZIP14452Apr 23 1987Use to inspect contents of object file.
OMFDUMP.ZIP17198Jun 11 1986Utility to dump OBJ files, includes full Pascal source.
OOPS.ZIP52129Mar 5 1990An excellent discusion on the object-oriented paradigm.
OPAL140.ZIP85525Jul 1 1987Batch execution lang/prgrmmable shell 7/87.
OPPSTEXT.ZIP29826Jun 8 1989Text file explaining the theory of OOP's programming.
OPS5PC36.ZIP81467Sep 16 1989OPS5/pc Expert/production language system.
OPS5SUPP.ZIP13227Aug 22 1988OPS5/pc Supplemental files for v3.5.
OVER5.ZIP14499Dec 28 1988Excellent ASM routine that can be called from C or ASM that shells you out to any other program, and swaps the current program out of memory.
OVL312.ZIP96993May 10 1989Overlay Manager for use with MicroSoft LINK.
PARSER2.ZIP2379May 20 1993Example PROLOG code that will parse code and analyze it. The language of the code it parses is a theoretical one which is defined in the docs.
PCALC.ZIP8298Nov 27 1989PCALC is a general purpose programmer's calculator (TSR) allowing evaluation of multi-statement complex expression in Binary, Decimal and Hexidecimal format.
PCCAI2.ZIP248735Nov 1 1992PC-CAI 2.07 is for anyone who wants to create computer driven tutorials, tests or demos on the PC.
PCGPE10.ZIP724370May 11 1994PC Game Programmers Encyclopedia. Extensive collection of text files explaining graphics hardware and algorithms, sound hardware and programming, graphics file formats. Pascal and ASM examples. Several authors. V. good.
PCLEX.ZIP51222Mar 3 1989Rob Duff's LEX; used to make AWK202.
PCLISP30.ZIP132589Feb 1 1990PC-LISP 3.0 very close implementation of Franz's Common LISP. It supports graphic modes, can use all available memory and can execute a shell command.
PCLIST8B.ZIP72371Nov 13 1989PCLIST is an interpretive programming language similar to the IBM TSO Extensions CLIST language.
PCPILOT.ZIP51227Feb 24 1990PC-PILOT Programmers Popup TSR Program. Includes standard features like key chart, ASCII chart, etc. Includes full Turbo-C source code.
PCSSP1.ZIP280421Feb 28 1989Large collection of mathmatical and scientific routines in Fortran.
PCSSP2.ZIP208956Jan 30 1988Math subroutines in Fortran. From old IBM SHARE library. Mostly good algorithms, but often ghastly style. Much is FORTRAN II.
PDOWN.ZIP5325Oct 9 1987Pull down windows for Prolog.
PDOX_ACT.ZIP1868Aug 23 1991Actor classes to link Actor 3.0 and 3.1 to the Paradox Windows .DLL. This borrows from the Actor to dbVista classes.
PE.ZIP86189May 1 1990Programmer's Editor. Nice, fast text editor. Hooks that allow Turbo Pascal+C to be called from editor.
PEC20A.ZIP33394Jul 20 1990A simple shell front end for just about any compiler, but it has been especially written for Turbo C. Works great.
PERMUTE1.ZIP4183Oct 3 1992Tiny SNOBOL program to print all permutations of characters in a string, with tutorial documentation. REVISED VERSION 10-3-92.
PGHELP.ZIP35358Jun 15 1993Programers helper - ascii codes, scan codes, etc.
PGL.ZIP270360Mar 22 1992Libraries for C, Pascal, Assembly, Fortran, and Clipper for plotting hires graphics to screen and printer.
PL131.ZIP41856Apr 6 1988A great program lister. Works great with MASM, well will all others.
PMVC.ZIP4582Jun 15 1993Poor Man's Version Control System For Programmer's.
POPCOLOR.ZIP9993Oct 13 1987Programmer's utility that allows programmers to add color codes easily.
POW1_1.ZIP1121899Mar 16 1994Programmer's Oberon Workbench, an Oberon-2 development environment for Windows. Semi-limited demo version. Freeware.
PRGCALC.ZIP22318Nov 9 1987Programmer's Calculator v2.5 (RPN TSR).
PRO-ED12.ZIP11191Jun 29 1989Programmer's assem lang editor, bookmarks, indents, fast search, small.
PRO43MOD.ZIP10182Feb 6 1993Various modifications for the Radio Shack Pro-43 scanner.
PROBE20.ZIP48713Apr 18 1990An excellent programmer's profiler that will work with any language that can create Microsoft compatable MAP files.
PROFILER.ZIP18425Aug 24 1987Execution profiler for finding software bottleneck.
PROFS.ZIP12396Aug 10 1988A collection of IBM PROFS macros and programs.
PROGAID.ZIP20282Jan 31 198832-bit programmers calculator.
PROGCALC.ZIP15375Dec 19 1988Programmer's calculator;base convers;bit shifting;etc.
PROGINFO.ZIP9368Feb 21 1990Programming information for the ATI VGA Wonder card. Has plenty of info for generic VGA programming as well.
PROHLP11.ZIP54261Dec 21 1987Programmers help, pop up ASCII table, etc.
PROJUP11.ZIP20465Mar 24 1991ProjectUpdate - A must have for anyone programming in a group. A nice addition to any version control system. FAPI mode - DOS and OS/2.
PROLOG19.ZIP84391May 17 1986Pd version of prolog lang.
PROLOG1A.ZIP118041Dec 31 1985A public domain Prolog compiler for MS-DOS machines. Old, but has many source code examples included.
PROLOG3.ZIP87358Mar 1 1990Source and Exe's for three Turbo Prolog programs which are detailed in the book "Advanced Turbo Prolog" by Herbert Schildt. Includes classic farmer, chicken and fox program as well as a Robot simulator.
PRTK11.ZIP23594Aug 1 1992A collection of several files to enable you to create your own disk protection.
PSCAN10.ZIP6611Feb 8 1989Program to search for module names in .lib and .qlb files.
PSCM13.ZIP115195Jul 31 1992Project source code manager v1.3 - Version control system for source code.
PSHELL.ZIP27372Oct 25 1987Programmer's Environment (DOS shell).
PSTSCDOC.ZIP17782Dec 5 1987Postscript Interpreter Docs. Disk 1 of 4.
PSTSCFNT.ZIP117884Dec 6 1987Postscript Interpreter Fonts. Disk 2 of 4.
PSTSCPST.ZIP27347Dec 6 1987Postscript Interpreter PST files. Disk 3 of 4.
PSTSCSRC.ZIP114298Dec 5 1987Postscript Interpreter C-Source. Disk 4 of 4.
PURSU.ZIP16449Jun 9 1988Question and answer engine. You enter the questions and answers into the engine, and then it will quiz other people.
PVHC.ZIP45333Apr 19 1994Help compiler. Create a file in WP 4.2 format and compile it into a help system to be used with your program. Small memory footprint.
PWRINST.ZIP131355Feb 21 1992Power Installer. Make your own software install routines.
Q-AUTHOR.ZIP166884Jan 11 1991New authoring system that makes an EXE file from up to 800 memory resident screens. Create animation, hypertext, interactive text and menu driven docs. Includes capture utility. Demo version.
QBSCR.ZIP69212Apr 19 1988Nifty screen utilities for QuickBASIC 4.0 w/source.
QTAWKD42.ZIP123145Dec 6 1990QTAwk v4.20 documentation. Very extensive doc's with many examples.
QTAWKE42.ZIP138610Nov 11 1990QTAwk v4.20 executable. Similiar to the Awk programming language, but with many extensions and enhancements. ShareWare.
QTAWKN42.ZIP55362Nov 11 1990QTAwk v4.20 Norton Guide help information.
QTAWKU42.ZIP123397Nov 11 1990QTAwk v4.20 utilities and extensive examples.
QUADPACK.ZIP92215Dec 18 1988FORTRAN Numerical Quadrature (i.e. integration) subroutines from Argonne National Laboratory.
RAT_24.ZIP6142Dec 28 1989TSR pop-up ASCII Table. Does not use much memory, very handy.
RCS55DOC.ZIP61065Dec 6 1991GNU's RCS source code version control version 5.5 documentation (troff format).
RCS55TXT.ZIP25079Apr 21 1992This is a version of the documentation, in normal ASCII (non nroff form) for RCS ver 5.5.
RCS56DOS.ZIP367246Mar 11 1993Revision Control System Version 5.6 for DOS. From the GNU Project.
REGKEY22.ZIP30163Mar 5 1993C language routines for creating/validating registration keys for keyed, crippled shareware.
REXXPC-1.ZIP78514Jul 9 1987REXX Batch Language by IBM employee. Part one of two.
REXXPC-2.ZIP63211Mar 16 1988REXX Batch Language. Part two of two.
RGL.ZIP100113Feb 26 1985Very old Graphic language ported from the 6502 chip. Allows for 3-D.
ROB.ZIP14422Jan 5 1988Examines object modules (.OBJ files).
RODENT_3.ZIP26616Dec 17 1989Source code for mouse manipulation in Basic, C, and Pascal.
ROMTOOLS.ZIP5269Aug 26 1987Tools for programming your own ROM's for AT, etc.
RPGFRE.ZIP123228Apr 19 1990RPG/free is a free format version of RPG. The RPG/free precompiler translates RPG/free input into standard RPG, which can be compiled by one of the RPG compilers.
RUBECUBE.ZIP67206Feb 18 1990This program will solve a Rubic's Cube, includes Prolog source code.
RULER2.ZIP2463Mar 23 1985Program that places a ruler on screen. Very good for lining up characters for designing print formats.
RUNPLI1A.ZIP103730Apr 25 1989PL/1 like interpreter w/src.
RXMOUSE.ZIP12457Oct 29 1989RXMOUSE - A function package for Personal Rexx allowing access to a mouse. Includes C source code.
SALTB.ZIP21761Aug 15 1988Telix SALT language pretty formatter. Includes C source.
SAPL1.ZIP139696Mar 21 1988APL Language Shareware Part 1 of 2.
SAPL2.ZIP194631Mar 21 1988APL Language Shareware Part 2 of 2.
SAPLPC-1.ZIP187335Mar 21 1988Shareware implementation of APl language interpreter by I.P. Sharp. File 1 of 2.
SAPLPC-2.ZIP146985Mar 21 1988Shareware implementation of APl language interpreter by I.P. Sharp. File 2 of 2.
SA_V11.ZIP106947Nov 28 1992Shareware Author V1.1 - This program will allow shareware authors to track their registeder users and expenses. The program has mouse support and online help. Program has many other features.
SB120.ZIP59855Aug 1 1987Screen Builder -- shareware "Bricklin".
SBI101.ZIP43354Apr 16 1991Software branding Iron v1.01 easy way to change your shareware program into registered versions without having to recompile.
SCAN221.ZIP33412Apr 21 1990This program will take a Microsoft .OBJ file, and display its contents broken up into the various records and structures.
SCANKEY.ZIP7961Mar 1 1990Will give Decimal and Hexadecimal information on any key pressed.
SCCS100.ZIP16540Mar 27 1989Source code control system. Great for Programmers.
SCOPE1.ZIP43330Jan 15 1988CodeScope 1.0:Symbolic prgm execution profile.
SCRED1.ZIP240788Jun 22 1990Turbo Screen editor used to create ASCII screens. Also creates Turbo C or Turbo Pascal Source code. Easy to work with.
SCRLPN.ZIP2780Feb 17 1993Smalltalk/V for Windows code to create GraphPanes that use scroll bars as other WinApps do.
SD275.ZIP67140May 27 1989Excellent screen designer for programmer's. Create graphic screens easy.
SDI101.ZIP43354Apr 16 1991A software serial numbering system. Add serial numbers to your programs.
SE.ZIP26756Mar 1 1993Very good 256 color sprite editor for use with FastGraph graphics library.
SE20.ZIP84213Oct 2 1986Screen Editor generator that creates screen for your programs.
SETLSZIP.ZIP80727Oct 6 1991SETLS programming language for DOS. Includes an editor and compiler and examples for a C-Like programming language that treats numeric entities via the use of mathematical sets and relations.
SHARE.ZIP53768Jan 23 1988SHARWARE is a DataBase program for keeping track of program registrations. Useful for shareware authors.
SHORT2.ZIP25484Jul 2 1991Memory resident utility that works with text editor. It will take short text strings and expand them to defined long strings. It is very useful for programming.
SHORTQ.ZIP32211Mar 9 1991Programmer's file lister. Will print source code to the printer in a semi-formatted manner.
SHRDIT01.ZIP217400May 31 1994ShroudIt! source code shrouder v1.0, works for any programming language.
SILICON2.ZIP130072Oct 30 1986Database of info on microchips.
SIMONYI.ZIP9746Oct 10 1993Paper by Charles Simonyi describing Hungarian notation.
SISL23S.ZIP40482Jul 15 1992SIS LITE Profession Installation System Version 2.3 Small, tight, (under 10K) but powerful machine code installation system for any shareware author or disk vendor.
SKYTAGS.ZIP31486Aug 11 1989CTAGS facility for Brief. From the Solution Systems BBS.
SLEX10.ZIP62352Aug 5 1993A lexical analyzer generator. It is a language tool to generate a lexical analyzer in the front-end of a compiler, script language, or other utilities. It is similar to the LEX in UNIX.
SM.ZIP70077Feb 14 1990Screen Master generates screen displaying source code for Turbo Pascal, dBase, and Basic. Very nice, and easy to use.
SMALLSYS.ZIP57058Mar 8 1989Excellent templates to be used with UI2 from WallSoft.
SMUT100.ZIP47900Mar 14 1991Software management utility keeps track of different program versions during development.
SNOBOL4A.ZIP230415Aug 17 1987SNOBOL4A IS A COMPILER THAT HANDLES STRINGS VERY WELL. It was fairly popular a few years ago and the folks that rediscovered snobol are trying to arouse interest in it.
SOSENG.ZIP12906Oct 25 1993SOS Engine. Link this into your executable for logging of all DOS activity during the app's runtime; a good debugging tool. You can control which calls get logged.
SOURCE14.ZIP104456Apr 22 1993Source code printing utility. Prints source code for almost any language like C, Pascal, Dbase, Clipper, FORTRAN, etc. Fully user definable. Higlights comments, keywords, etc. Supports most printers.
SPFDEMO.ZIP133741Aug 10 1988Demostration of SPF/PC.
SPKDD1.ZIP22550Nov 10 1987Speaker device driver.
SPKDD2.ZIP118981Nov 10 1987Lots of music to go with SPKDD1.ARC.
SPL.ZIP105411May 16 1990Structured Programming Language - Translates into BASIC code that can then be compiled. Simple, but may be useful to those who are familiar with Basic, but want more power. DOS version.
SPRED3_1.ZIP209019Nov 15 1994Latest vesion of Spredit(v3.1) Sprite Editor for 256 color images. Now imports PCX files as well as CEL. Has many functions blend,gradient,tint,fill,fillto as well as palette manipulation. Must see for all game designers.
SPRITE.ZIP77636Nov 2 1989Sprite Maker Rev 2.01 is a tool for EGA programmers which will easily create, manipulate, and save EGA images for use with many block manipulation functions such as putimage and moveblock.
SSP1.ZIP145379Sep 2 1988Fortran Scientific Subroutine. Package 1 of 3.
SSP2.ZIP182143Sep 2 1988Fortran Scientific Subroutine. Package 2 of 3.
SSP3.ZIP116352Sep 2 1988Fortran Scientific Subroutine. Package 3 of 3.
SSS10A.ZIP316969Jul 18 1992Super Shareware System 1.0: A complete system for shareware authors. Track distributors, prospects, customers, contacts, products, sales & expenses. Shareware ($65)/ PractiComp. [1/2].
SSS10B.ZIP220810Jul 18 1992Super Shareware System 1.0: A complete system for shareware authors. Track distributors, prospects, customers, contacts, products, sales & expenses. Shareware ($65)/ PractiComp. [2/2].
STAMPVER.ZIP7099Jul 3 1990Stamps C or dBASE-type source files, from user supplied file list, with version number. It adds it as a comment line at the top.
STCODE.ZIP26845Jul 20 1993Smalltalk code for ParcPlace and Digitalk. Includes benchmarking programs.
STK100.ZIP205786Oct 20 1990A Sprite Construction Set. This contains sprite editor, and code necessary to support the sprites created. Sprite/Sprite & Sprite/Background collisions are detectable. Source code (C & asm) included.
STLTH22.ZIP52824Feb 10 1992C and Pascal source code Stealth Bomber anti-viral code. Makes your programs protect themselves from virii.
STOP_GO.ZIP34675May 16 1990Program SG.EXE simulates simple stopwatch. It remains resident, and its functions are activated via hotkeys. Stop&Go uses CodeRunneR (TM) TSR library for C and assembler. As result it occupies only 2032 bytes of DOS memory when resident, even though it is written entirely in C.
STV2.ZIP170402Jan 22 1988A public domain version of Tim Bud's Little Smalltalk language. It is described fully in his book "A Little SmallTalk".
STYLE-T.ZIP145746Dec 10 1991ADA quality and style guidelines for professional programmers.
SUPER3.ZIP20985Oct 25 1988This is an excellent programmers TSR. ASCII codes, box codes, print eject, keyboard scan codes, port swap, printer setup, plus much more.
SUPMAINT.ZIP278997Nov 19 1990Gram Development Maker. Automatically generates make files using source files kept on different drives/directories. Supports Microsoft and Borland compilers.
SVGABG31.ZIP88112Dec 7 1991A BGI driver for many SVGA cards. Allows modes from 640x480x256 to 1024x768x256, many "tweaked" special modes, and for TSENG4000 chip owners with the new Hi-Sierra DAc, from 320x200x32768 to 800x600x32768.
SWITCH26.ZIP26527Mar 21 1989Latest version of memory switching program now supports dBase IV.
SYACC31B.ZIP69630Nov 15 1993A LALR(1) parser generator. It generates a LR parser from a set of context free grammar rules. It is similar to the YACC in UNIX. It also has 32bit code/extended memory feature to deal with large scale grammars.
TA4P01.ZIP51631Feb 18 1994Borland Turbo Assembler 4.0 upgrade/patch for Chicago compatibility. Downloaded from Borland Download BBS. Requires PATCH.EXE.
TAB2SP.ZIP932Feb 4 1990Brief 3.0 Macro - Converts tabs to appropriate number of spaces.
TD386.ZIP16021Jun 21 1991Update of Turbo Debugger TD386 for use with DOS 5.0. Downloaded from Borland's Language forun on Compuserve.
TDSVGA.ZIP81452Apr 30 1993Latest video drivers (DLLs) for Borland C++ 3.1 Turbo Debugger.
TECHREF1.ZIP140583Nov 2 1989Very nicely done online (TSR) PC Technical Reference Manual. Great for hard-core programmers who are always losing their manuals.
TESS1090.ZIP157718Oct 25 1990Teseract TSR library. This library is for programmer's wishing to develop TSR's. Can be used with C, ASM, PASCAL.
TEXTRUN.ZIP73261May 19 1991Text Run version 0.8 turns text files into COM files witth pop-up windows and the ability to run programs with a single keypress.
THEPRO_1.ZIP74212Sep 5 1988Video lib for turboc, ver 1.2 1 of 2.
THINK2.ZIP156839Feb 19 1989An expert system DEMO and catalog for many AI programs.
TICKTOCK.ZIP11252Sep 11 1988Demonstrates how to program the timer chip for higher clock resolution.
TIDY.ZIP99112Apr 24 1989Programs to cleanup Fortran source files.
TIPI.ZIP47343Nov 7 1993TIPI tiny programming langauge, akin to Forth.
TLINK4.ZIP88758Jun 12 1991Latest version of Borland's Turbo Link. Fixes some problems with DOS 5.0.
TMAKER14.ZIP14760Mar 19 1994TMAKER v1.4 - Create unique large block letters multi-lines high with option to encase the result in C, ASM, or Pascal strings. Make your title stand out in documentation or program front-end.
TP387.ZIP10215Mar 15 1991This program illustrates how floating point performance can be improved by taking advantage of the 80387/i486 trig functions. TP source code.
TPL1-10.ZIP21914Oct 13 1989Threaded Programming Language/I written by Sam Smith. Includes complete C source code. Interesting.
TPROLOG.ZIP71631Oct 20 1988A knowledge-base generator for use with Turbo Prolog.
TREE_OPS.ZIP4598Jul 11 1989Binary Tree Package in Ada.
TSST20.ZIP163130Mar 10 1990Excellent utility for Shareware Authors that allow you to: track software sales, print labels, patch EXE files with Name-Address-Serial, track sales by outlet .
TTG.ZIP12889Jan 10 1991Truth Table Generator - Generates a truth table for a Boolean function in ASCII form. Written in TurboC (source included) - converted from a BASIC program which appeared in EDN (Electronic Design News).
TTLITE11.ZIP90004Oct 28 1992TestTrak (tm) Lite V1.1: Automated testing system which simplifies and accelerates QA testing of text-based applications. Shareware ($55) from Syscon, Inc.
TUTGNUST.ZIP40419Apr 15 1993Tutorial for GNU Smalltalk.
T_INT.ZIP119723Mar 19 1995T Interpreter: T is an easy to learn, user friendly, high level, computer programming language. If you know how to program, T should be easy to master. The interpreter includes built-in debugging tools, an editor and an on
UARTBUG.ZIP9733Mar 9 1987Good TSR/pop-up comm port debugger. Watch and test registers.
UBCI100.ZIP7965Feb 1 1989Universal Batch Compilier Interface v1.0.0 (TPC compat).
UCHAIN31.ZIP8309Dec 1 1993Aids in the debugging of planar modes, aka "Mode X", within Borland IDE's such as BC++, BP, TP, TPROF, TD and others. Also Palette restoring (works in Mode 13h) & page viewing.
UNDOC2EH.ZIP2261Jan 8 1989Info on undocumented DOS interrupt 2EH. Very interesting.
UNITY310.ZIP225654Mar 4 1991Integrated programmer's development environment. Edit, Compile, Link, and Run with a variety of tools, all from the same platform. Looks very good.
UNST13.ZIP90091Aug 16 1993Universal INSTALL v1.3 Software installation package that can match the look and feel of your own software.
VAXSTUFF.ZIP8872Jul 25 1987Useful misc. .com files for VAX/VMS.
VC4ONE.ZIP121007Jun 16 1992Version control system for PC's, more user friendly than GNU's.
VDIGIT.ZIP183826Jun 24 1989This toolkit is a combination of software and hardware designed for the purpose of mechanizing and simplifying the process by which programmers may create digitized voice recordings.
VERSEDIT.ZIP115550Apr 27 1990VersaEdit was created specifically to enable PC programmers to effectively create, maintain, and manipulate source code files. Programmer's editor.
VGA16.ZIP8663Apr 10 1990The VGA16.BGI device driver is a device driver which supports various 16 color VGA graphics modes which can be used within Turbo C 2.0 and/or Turbo Pascal 5.X programs.
VIEW2.ZIP21533Nov 16 1988View two files at one time and compare....great for source code differen.
VMSKERM.ZIP92983Sep 26 1988VMS KERMIT 332 exe runoff docs & hex for transmit.
VMSSWEEP.ZIP16772Mar 27 1989VAX/VMS limited .lbr and .arc utility.
VMSXMOD.ZIP5535Apr 20 1989Very good FORTRAN Xmodem forVAX/VMS.
VPMD10.ZIP56241Jan 27 1992GP fault debugger for Digitalk Smalltalk/V PM 1.3. This is the first release. Shows the Smalltalk message stack as it looks before the fault.
VPMTIPS.ZIP7128Jul 13 1990Tips from Digitalk's tech support for Smalltalk/V PM.
VTLISP.ZIP18676Jul 8 1987Very Tiny Lisp (AI-Expert 4/87) com/doc.
WHAT-IS.ZIP10601Jun 20 1989WhatIs will attempt to figure out what language a program is written in.
WHETSTON.ZIP8583Jun 26 1989MIPS Magazine Benchmarks. Full FORTRAN Source Code.
WINSET1.ZIP89042Nov 13 1993WINSETUP V1.0 Professional Windows Installation Utility.
WTHRDS.ZIP54271Jun 8 1992EDI Threads is a complete multi-threading library for Windows. With it you can easily create applications that use background printing, complex redrawing, repagination, serial port polling, text searches, and more.
XLISP21D.ZIP791958Mar 11 1993XLisp-Plus version 2.1d of Lisp language. Includes all the sources, libraries, make files for different platforms, and a lot of sample Lisp programs. This version includes many of the Common Lisp features as well as an o
XLISPLSP.ZIP8409Jun 13 1986Various Source code for XLISP.
XLISPPC.ZIP70653Feb 11 1988Public Domain eXperimental LISP.
XLISPS.ZIP37052Nov 16 1985Xlisp compiler with C source code.
XMATH.ZIP3290Jun 29 1988Math functions to accompany xlisp.
XMODEMAU.ZIP27004Dec 3 1987Vax side Xmodem fortran source from Auburn U.
XR10.ZIP20044Jan 12 1989A generic cross reference generator for C, Turbo Pascal, and Basic.
XREF112.ZIP28609Sep 19 1990Language-independent source code cross-reference utility. Includes sample configuration files supporting these languages: ANSI C, dBase III+, Clipper and Sophco FORCE.
XSCHMDOC.ZIP14395Mar 2 1989Documentation for XScheme 0.20.
XSCHMDOS.ZIP50271Mar 14 1991XScheme v0.20 programming language .EXE compiled under Turbo C v2.0.
XSCHME02.ZIP58574Nov 6 1989XScheme Version 0.20 is an implementation of the Scheme programming language with extensions to support object-oriented programming.
XXXPR24B.ZIP97149Jul 27 1991XXXPert v2.4b Expert System development tool.
Y.ZIP59602Apr 21 1991Programmer's text editor. Source code in C++ offered by author. This file contains documentation and executable.
YCSPED10.ZIP47264Mar 17 1993YC's Sprite Editor v1.0. A VERY good tool for all programmers to add great graphics to your programs. Supports SVGA VESA Local Bus cards and will import to C and other languages.
Z80MU52A.ZIP86496Aug 22 1989Z80 CP/M Emulator, runs with or without NEC V-series chips. Shareware.
ZVMS160.ZIP107519Aug 2 1987VMS zoo archive programs.