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Shareware implementation of APl language interpreter by I.P. Sharp. File 1 of 2.
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Shareware implementation of APl language interpreter by I.P. Sharp. File 1 of 2.
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ACOM—-.SAW 50412 21321 deflated
ACOM.EXE 22933 8646 deflated
APDEFN.H 16931 4348 deflated
APDEFNA.PCC 20218 4691 deflated
APL.BAT 102 102 stored
CALLTEST.EXE 8899 4608 deflated
CONFIG.SYS 44 44 stored
COPIER.BAT 1352 568 deflated
CP8X.EXE 31310 21668 deflated
CTOH.ASM 2584 1011 deflated
CTOH.BIN 79 71 deflated
DOSX.EXE 7839 4733 deflated
EAPAQPRN.BIN 5661 3490 deflated
EGA14.COM 3615 1267 deflated
FKEYS—.SAW 6936 2321 deflated
FSCR—-.SAW 11224 3265 deflated
FSCR.EXE 27541 12386 deflated
FSCREX–.SAW 8532 3329 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 348 221 deflated
LKACTOH.LNK 31 26 deflated
LKAMUSIC.LNK 34 27 deflated
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NATIONS-.SAF 28160 7392 deflated
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README 3630 1614 deflated
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Contents of the README file


I.P. Sharp Associates is pleased to make SHARP APL/PC available as
shareware. Shareware means you can copy SHARP APL/PC diskettes and share
them with others who express an interest in learning or using APL without
paying a royalty or fear of copyright infringement.

If you decide to register your copy, you will receive complete SHARP APL/PC
documentation, a SHARP APL Pocket Reference and keyboard diagrams - in a
convenient binder.

To register your copy , or obtain more information, contact I.P. Sharp
Associates Ltd., Microcomputer Products Group, 2 First Canadian Place,
Suite 1900, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1E3. Registration costs US$59 or Cdn$79.

General product support will be offered at our standard consulting rates.


The following text briefly describes how to prepare the software for use on
your PC. Chapter 2 of the documentation gives a more complete description.

* copy your diskettes, and put your originals in a safe place

* amend your config.sys file if required (see note on printers)

* amend your apl.bat file for ega14 if required (see note on APL
Character Support)

Starting SHARP APL/PC on a diskette-based system

1. Load your DOS system in the usual way

2. Put SHARP APL/PC diskette 1 in drive A and diskette 2 in drive B. If
you have only one dirve, wait until DOS prompts you for drive B.

3. Enter:
A> apl pb:

This executes all of the statements in the APL.BAT file, then indicates
that the SAPL file is to be loaded from drive B.

Starting SHARP APL/PC from a hard-disk system

1. Load your DOS in the usual way

2. make a directory to hold your SHARP APL/PC files

e.g. md saplpc
cd saplpc

3. copy all the files from the distribution diskettes into your sub-

steps 2 and 3 need only be done once

4. begin SHARP APL/PC by typing the command apl

NOTE on Printer Support

The current version of SHARP APL/PC provides enhanced support for APA
printers that facilitates the use of the control key sequence
to direct screen output to your attached parallel printer.

To use this feature, the file EAPAQPRN.BIN, which is included with your
distribution diskettes, must be included in the CONFIG.SYS file you use to
configure your system before you start each session.

You can use the CONFIG.SYS file that comes with this system, or edit your
existing CONFIG.SYS file to include the line:


If you are using a hard disk, the CONFIG.SYS file must be in the
directory. If you are using floppy diskettes, it must be included on the
diskette used to boot the SHARP APL/PC system.

NOTE on APL Character Support

APL characters are supported in one of two ways, depending upon the monitor
adapter card in use.

Most cards manufactured prior to 1986 include a replaceable character ROM
chip. You can order the appropriate APL character ROM chip from I.P. Sharp
Associates. Please indicate the type of monitor adapter being used when
you place your order since different adapters require different ROM chips.

Newer Enhanced Graphics Adapters (EGA) allow you to download the APL
character set to RAM on the adapter card before you begin your APL session.
The file needed to use this feature, EGA14.COM, is included on your
distribution diskettes.

To display APL using an EGA card, edit the APL.BAT file used to start APL
to include the following as the second-last instruction (i.e., just prior
to the instruction CP8X):


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