Dec 282017
VGA256 is a reverse-engineered BGI driver for Orchard's Designer VGA.
File C-256VGA.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Miscellaneous Language Source Code
VGA256 is a reverse-engineered BGI driver for Orchard’s Designer VGA.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COLORTST.C 3861 1387 deflated
COLORTST.PRJ 38 38 stored
MAKEOBJ.BAT 47 47 stored
SIMPLE.C 508 269 deflated
SIMPLE.PRJ 36 36 stored
UPDATE.DOC 1379 617 deflated
VGA256.BGI 3523 2244 deflated
VGA256.H 1094 454 deflated
VGA256.OBJ 3613 2316 deflated
VGAEXTRA.H 997 351 deflated
VGAEXTRA.OBJ 345 316 deflated

Download File C-256VGA.ZIP Here

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