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Xlisp compiler with C source code.
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Xlisp compiler with C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.TXT 1408 654 deflated
XLBFUN.C 7936 1543 deflated
XLBIND.C 1408 552 deflated
XLCONT.C 6272 1842 deflated
XLDMEM.C 6912 2009 deflated
XLEVAL.C 8448 2149 deflated
XLFIO.C 10112 2179 deflated
XLFTAB.C 4736 1373 deflated
XLINIT.C 2304 738 deflated
XLIO.C 3328 1077 deflated
XLISP.C 1664 695 deflated
XLISP.H 5888 1648 deflated
XLLIST.C 18944 3202 deflated
XLMATH.C 6656 1938 deflated
XLOBJ.C 17664 3733 deflated
XLPRIN.C 3328 1077 deflated
XLREAD.C 8320 2302 deflated
XLSTR.C 4736 1433 deflated
XLSTUB.C 384 211 deflated
XLSUBR.C 2944 966 deflated
XLSYM.C 5120 1585 deflated
XLSYS.C 3200 1041 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

XLISP version 1.2 Distribution Disk

By David Betz
114 Davenport Ave.
Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 625-4691

This disk contains the following files:


README.TXTthis file

Executable programs

XLISP.EXEXLISP for MS-DOS (small memory model)

Interpreter sources

XLISP.Cthe main entry point
XLISP.HXLISP include file
XLREAD.Creader (including the load function)
XLSUBR.Cbuilt-in subr/fsubr support routines
XLBIND.Csymbol binding routines
XLINIT.Cinitialization code
XLSYM.Csymbol table routines
XLIO.Ci/o support routines
XLDMEM.Cdynamic memory routines (garbage collector)

Built-in functions

XLFTAB.Cfunction initialization table
XLBFUN.Cbasic functions
XLLIST.Clist functions
XLCONT.Ccontrol functions
XLMATH.Carithmetic functions
XLFIO.Cfile i/o functions
XLSTR.Cstring functions
XLSYS.Csystem functions

Object-oriented programming support

XLOBJ.Cobject-oriented programming support
XLSTUB.Cstubs for XLOBJ.C (to remove object support)

In order to create a version of XLISP with object-oriented programming
support, include the file XLOBJ and leave out XLSTUB. In order to
create a version without object-oriented programming support, include
the file XLSTUB and not the file XLOBJ.

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