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Introduction to G.O.P. (Good Oriented Programming), the "PERFECT" looking source code.
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Introduction to G.O.P. (Good Oriented Programming), the “PERFECT” looking source code.
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Good Oriented Programming
By : Teachers and programmers from all over

Many people have wondered, "What is the purpose of indenting and
capitlizing in the source code you create?" Most compilers can handle lots
of odds and ends, harsh code, and round about ways of doing things. G.O.P.
is considered to be the ultimate form of programming. A business programmer
normally will follow these rules, that turn their source into G.O.P source.

1) Comments should have openning comment marks, then skip to the next line
before writing the actual comment on long explanations. Then skip once
more to end it. This practice is common in both 'C' and pascal. This
does not true for line explainations, such as this lines checks for div
by 0. This is only true for long comments.

2) All reserved words should be in caps and the rest of the code in mixed

3) Each sub-program (procedure, function, while-loop, etc..) should have
a two space seperation, or indent to mark the new code. This is
mainly true in pascal. In 'C' and Asm, a full tab (5-8 spaces) is used.

4) Spaces should be inserted in parameter headings to make the list easier

5) Commands should not be stacked. This mostly goes in effect with BASIC
programmers, where many commands are piled up on top of each other.
This is also a problem in pascal as well. The reason for this is really
quite clear, try to make the program more readable for others

These are just a few of many ideas that have been thrown into the
idea of G.O.P. Many programmers will agree with many of these statements.
If you have more, please add them to help others make the best quality code
availible. When practicing this, you will see the difference in your own

The few, the proud, the's!

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