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EDI Install Pro 3.0 Windows setup/installation utility.
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EDI Install Pro 3.0 Windows setup/installation utility.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CMDUTILS.PIF 545 144 deflated
DESC.TXT 2252 850 deflated
EDI3D.BIN 10779 10779 stored
EDI3D.DLL 21008 9915 deflated
INFMAKER.EXE 129280 45261 deflated
INSTALL.BIN 54498 54466 deflated
INSTALL.BMP 4338 814 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 14080 7539 deflated
INSTALL.HLP 292453 168969 deflated
INSTALL.INF 2196 781 deflated
MANUAL.ICO 766 325 deflated
README.TXT 878 473 deflated
SAMPLES 0 0 stored
INSTALL.TXT 2196 782 deflated
INSTLIB.C 15661 4186 deflated
INSTLIB.DEF 147 111 deflated
INSTLIB.DLL 5968 3343 deflated
INSTLIB.PAS 16795 4396 deflated
UTILS 0 0 stored
NETSETUP.EXE 8192 3785 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome to EDI Install Pro!

If you are new to the product, please take the time to properly evaluate it. You will NOT regret it! EDI Install Pro provides the fastest, most powerful way to create a complete installation for any Windows application.

If you are considering upgrading from a previous version, please take the time to read the new manual. A lot has changed, and you will surely miss something if you just dive in. Most important is the fact that both the INF file and the compression scheme has changed. You should be able to port your old INF files by exporting them with the old INF Maker, editing some details, such as the version number and PM items, and then importing them into the new INF Maker. If at all possible, we recommend you only preserve the [File] section, and regenerate the rest.


The folks at Eschalon Development Inc.

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