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A Device Driver Primer.
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A Device Driver Primer.
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Contents of the 27.DOC file

Welcome to MS-27 -- SYSTEM PRIMER.

We think this disk will satisfy at least some of your curiosity
about MS-DOS systems programming. We've included lots of
assembler source code, so have at it.

SCAV -- written by T. Jennings and David Gwillim, SCAV marks bad
blocks as allocated in the FAT.

WHEREIS -- finds files anywhere within a directory structure.
Written by John Scotia and modified by Ray Duncan.

DIAGS -- Special Serial, Parallel, Video diagnostics for the PC.
Written by Joan Riff. Use it to explore your system. Excellent

ASYNC -- Loadable asyncronous device driver for MS-DOS. Written
by Mike Higgins.

LPTX -- intercepts BIOS interrupt 17, the line printer
interrupt. Redirects the output of LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3 to a disk
file. All three redirects may be active at the same time.

DOS1, ROLLDOS1 & 2, DRIVER & DRIVER1 -- DOS Device Driver
tutorials. Good examples of character device drivers and
debugging techniques.

STUFIT -- Maximizes disk use. Neat! In order to save space on
our distribution disk we've put STUFIT in an archive. To expand
the STUFIT "library", copy STUFIT.ARC and ARC430.EXE to a new
disk and enter --


Then start the lesson by reading STUFIT.DOC.

Have fun. We think you can learn a lot about your system by
working through the programs on this disk.

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