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Non-TSR ascii table, saves chars to disk.
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Non-TSR ascii table, saves chars to disk.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ASCII.EXE is a utility for people, like me, who hate thumbing
through reference books in search of an ASCII table. I realize
that SideKick and other memory resident programs have ASCII
tables -- but, on my system, at least, SideKick doesn't get along
at all with a few of my favorite programs (Microsoft's Codeview
debugger is one example). It's easy enough to pop out to the DOS
shell, run ASCII.EXE, and hop back into a text editor, debugger,
or whatever. Besides, ASCII.EXE has some nifty little features
that I haven't seen elsewhere.

The help menu in ASCII.EXE is self-explanatory, and will tell you
all you need to know about running it.Since it was written for
my CGA, it won't work at all with your monochrome card. The jury
is still out on the EGA. If you have an EGA card, please post a
message and let me know how the program holds up on it.

One brief warning -- the program has a feature that allows you to
capture ASCII characters and their corresponding values to a file
titled "ascii" (no extension). It doesn't look before it leaps,
so if you have a file called "ascii" now and wish to hang onto it,
rename it before running ASCII.EXE.

-- Ernie Wallengren (BIXname ewallengren).

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