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EXpert Help - Updated Norton Guides - more features less RAM.
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EXpert Help – Updated Norton Guides – more features less RAM.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Notice to BBS USERS: We encourage you to upload this Demo on as many BBS
systems as you like, provided that you confirm to the following conditions:

The Expert Help Demo file must be named. EH_DEMO.ZIP
The file EH_DEMO.ZIP must contain the following file.
1. This readme file.
2. The Expert Help Database EH-INFO.NG
3. The Expert Help Demo Engine EH.EXE
If you have any question, please call Curtis Palm at (512) 735-0746.
Thank you, Curtis Palm, Author - The Expert Help Hypertext System

About the Demo:
The Expert Help Demo is full featured version of the Expert Help
Engine with one exception, It will only run for 20 minutes at a time.
After 20 minutes it will pop-down the display and unload itself from
memory. The Expert package is priced at $79.00 and comes with the
following tools. Expert Help Engine, Database Compiler/Linker/De-Compiler
Hypertext Manual. If you are a Registered Norton Guides User, call about
our special upgrade offer.

SofSolutions Telephone Numbers:

US Sales 1-800-325-6820 Ext. 1
Int Sales (512) 735-0746 Ext. 1
FAX (512) 734-8584
BBS (512) 734-8584

Expert Help Pricing:
Expert Help (personal use) $79.00 + $5 s&h
Expert Help Developer's Kit $199.00 + $5 s&h

Installing the Expert Help Demo:
The Expert Help files should be copied to the directory EH or
the directory where you keep your Expert Help /Norton Guides
Databases. When running, this will become the default directory
where the Expert Help Engine will look for databases.
For optimal performance, run the Expert Help Engine from a Hard Drive.

To install Expert Help,
put the Expert Help disk in a floppy drive A and type,

COPY A: *.* C:\EH (press ENTER).

Where A is the name of the floppy drive where the Expert Help
diskette is located.

Running the Engine:

Type, EH (press enter)

There are currently seven command line parameters that can be used
when loading the Engine.

-C Loads the Engine into Conventional Memory.

-NLoads the Engine in non-memory-resident mode.

-Ffilename Lets you specify a database to load at start-up.
(This lets you override the default file.)

-U Un-Loads the Engine from memory-resident mode.
You can also use ALT-U while the text display window is

-HDisplays a help screen of command line parameters.

-I Enables Intense Background Colors.

-Mnn Sets the sensitivity (to motion) of the mouse.
Range 1-99. Default: 12 (smaller number increases sens.)

The current Hot-Key is LEFT-SHIFT-F1.

Unloading the Engine:
Pop-up the display using LEFT-SHIFT-F1, then press ALT-U. This will
unload the Engine from memory. Note: The Engine will only unload if
it is safe to do so (Example - No TSR's loaded after the Engine.)

Keys that Navigate the Text Display Window.
When popped-up, the Text Display Window of the Search Engine can be
manipulated with the following keys:

LEFT-SHIFT-F1 This is the default Hot-Key that pops-Up/Dn the display window.

F1 Options menu \ Help screen for the Search Engine.

F9 Toggles the display size (half/full screen).

ENTER Selects the highlighted item.

E Expands from the first level menu highlight to a more detailed
explanation of the highlighted keyword.

R Opens the Related Topics menu (if they exists for the selected entry).
E and Enter can also be used.

Gray + Moves from the current long entry to the next long entry.

Gray - Moves from the current long entry to the previous long entry.

ESC If in the second level, will display the first level.
If in the first level, pops-down the display and returns
you to your work.

Up Arrow Moves the lightbar menu highlight up.

Down Arrow Moves the lightbar menu highlight down.

Right Arrow Moves the pull down menu lightbar to the right.

Left Arrow Moves the pull down menu lightbar to the left.

Shift Up Arrow In half screen mode, moves the display window up.

Shift Down Arrow In half screen mode, moves the display window down.

F10 Returns you to your work. The display will pop-up where you left off.

Alt-L Toggles Auto-Lookup On / Off.

Alt-S Opens the search window.

Alt-N or Alt-A Continues the search for the next match.

Alt-I Returns you to your work. But leaves an image of the display.

Alt-D Open the file selection window. Press Enter to select, Esc to close.

Alt-U Unloads the Engine from memory.

Alt-C Activates the Cut and Paste Routine.

Alt-P Activates the Cut and Print Routine.

Mouse Buttons: Left = ENTER
Right = ESC
Center = F1 (Options / Help Menu)
Left + Right = F10 (pops-down display with bookmark)


Note: Any menu or menu item can be selected by typing the first letter
of the entry that you want to open. If more than entry has the same
first letter, the first one is selected with the specified letter.

Note: To save your current settings to disk, select SAVE OPTIONS from the
Options Menu (Press F1).

End of Readme File.

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