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Kenneth Iverson's introductory APL interpreter with on-screen help.
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Kenneth Iverson’s introductory APL interpreter with on-screen help.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
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APLISW.BAT 20 17 deflated
APLISW.HLP 45248 16833 deflated
APLISWX.EXE 48206 28402 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 481 243 deflated
ISI—–.SAW 4580 1203 deflated
ISIINFO.DOC 1659 874 deflated
MATH—-.SAW 18740 7351 deflated

Download File APLISW.ZIP Here

Contents of the INSTALL.DOC file

APLISW installation:

mkdir \aplisw - make directory
cd \aplisw - change to directory
xcopy a:*.* - copy files from diskette to directory
copy aplisw.bat \ - copy bat file to root directory
aplisw - start APL

Copy APLISW.BAT to your root directory or to a directory that is in your PATH.
APLISW will run from anywhere and switches to the \APLISW directory to run APL.

Do NOT add \APLISW to your path statement.

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