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Lex and Yacc utilities for DOS. No source code.
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Lex and Yacc utilities for DOS. No source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LEX.EXE 95988 44393 deflated
LEX.MAN 23667 7894 deflated
LEX.SK 20532 5900 deflated
README.1ST 707 432 deflated
YACC.EXE 87137 34801 deflated
YACC.MAN 1200 549 deflated
YYPARSE.HRY 6830 2045 deflated
YYPARSE.SMP 14822 4780 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

The enclosed files are actually dos ports of flex 2.3 patchlevel 3
and bison 1.1. The executables were compiled using MSC 6.0 in the
large model. If you require source, email me and I will try to make
them available.

To install, place the skeleton files ( and both yyparse files)
into the directory pointed to by the INIT environment variable, or
set INIT=C:\SOMETHING where SOMETHING is the directory containing the
skeleton files. Place the executables in a directory along the PATH.

See the enclosed man pages for additional information. For tutorial
information, check your local bookstore for materials on compiler

Tue Aug 14 17:48:27 PDT 1990

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