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Norton Guides clone - requires less memory. Very nice.
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Norton Guides clone – requires less memory. Very nice.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

MSI-Guide will read ANY Norton Guide (.NG File) including CODERUN.NG,
however, CODERUN.NG can only be read by MSIG.EXE.

You can run MSIG ? which will give you a help screen with command line

The MSI-Guide is VERY easy to use, using only the arrow keys or mouse to
operate. The basic operation is this:

Up Arrow: Go up an option or scroll screen up.
Down Arrow: Go down an option or scroll screen down.
Right Arrow: Open or select the current entry.
Left Arrow: Close the current entry, go back a level.

MSI-Guide may or may not be "pre-registered" when you receive it. If you
get a ShareWARE Sigon Screen stating that it is a 20-Minute DEMO, or it
is registered to someone other than yourself -(not nice and illegal too!),
then you MUST register the product with MSI for long-term operation.

MSI-Guide allows you to Set and Go To up to 10 simultaneous Bookmarks using
the Function Keys. Bookmarks contains both the Database & Position Data and
allow you to rapidly switch from one place to another in multiple guides.

For more information, look at "Using MSI-Guide" then "Commands & Hotkeys".
This has a complete description of all hotkeys, command keys and information
on how to use MSI-Guide.

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