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This is a great program that allows programers to directly access files that have been written with C or Pascal. It also converts between C and Pascal types. Excellent for manuplating data files created with RECORD.
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This is a great program that allows programers to directly access files that have been written with C or Pascal. It also converts between C and Pascal types. Excellent for manuplating data files created with RECORD.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CIC2DAD.EXE 20196 10666 deflated
CSCAN.EXE 26743 12654 deflated
DAD2SRCE.EXE 40556 16055 deflated
DADUNIQ.EXE 15443 8352 deflated
DEMO.DB 2205 919 deflated
DEMO.REC 2494 748 deflated
DFD.DOC 136731 32767 deflated
DFDEVAL.EXE 98374 33797 deflated
DFDEVAL.SCR 4003 544 deflated
DFD_DESC.TXT 2722 1316 deflated
MSPA2DAD.EXE 20512 10775 deflated
PASSCAN.EXE 17011 8983 deflated
PASTYPES.H 527 172 deflated
READ.ME 5339 1821 deflated
TC2DAD.EXE 21197 11069 deflated
TPAS2DAD.EXE 19237 10341 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

High Tech Solutions to High Tech Problems

Gilmore Systems
P.O. Box 3831
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-0831

Voice: (213) 275-8006 Data: (213) 276-5263


Gilmore Systems Proudly Presents:

Data File Debugger (DFD) - Evaluation Version

For All C programmers using: Tubo C, Microsoft C, C86
For All Pascal programmers using: Turbo Pascal, Microsoft Pascal


Please read the file DFD_DESC.TXT for a description of what the Data
File Debugger (DFD) package is all about and what it can do for you.


About this evaluation version:

The supplied documentation in this evaluation copy is complete, and
identical to the documentation found in the commercial package.

The included programs in this evaluation package have limitations, and
some of the utility programs are not included with this evaluation
package. Therefore, some of the programs and techniques in this
evaluation package described in the documentaion will not be possible.

The actual DFD program itself:

The documentation refers to DFD.EXE as the main program. In the
evaluation version, the program is named DFDEVAL.EXE. Therefore,
whenever the documentation refers to the DFD program, it should be taken
as DFDEVAL. You can rename DFDEVAL.EXE to DFD.EXE if you feel more
comfortable with it that way, and it will be more consistent with the
documentation. However, if you pass on this evaluation package to a
friend, please be sure to keep the original naming conventions the same
(ie: keep the name DFDEVAL.EXE).

Program Limitations:

The DFDEVAL program has one feature which is deactivated, and a second
feature which is semi deactivated: The deactivated feature is the ZAP
(or "/z") feature as described in the documentation. The semi
deactivated feature is the DUMP (or "/d") feature as described in the
documentation - DUMP will only dump the first record of any database in
the evaluation version.

The DAD2SRCE program also has one feature which is deactivated in the
evaluation version: it will not recognize the "/L" option, or language

Excluded Programs:

The following utility programs have been excluded from the evaluation
package and are only supplied with the commercial version:

DADRPT.EXE - generates thorough report of contents of a Data Dictionary
DADSORT.EXE - sorts a data dictionary in alphabetical & reference order


You may use all supplied programs in this evaluation package for a trial
period of 30 days. If after the trial period you find that this package
will be useful to you, you may order the commercial package at our voice
line with your credit card, or through our data number with your modem
and credit card, or you may forward a check drawn on a U.S. bank to us
at our mailing address. California residents must add 6.5% sales tax.

Pricing information for the commercial version: $39.95 with custom,
bound documentation, or $19.95 with documentation supplied on diskette.
Please state at time of order if you wish 5-1/4" or 3-1/2" disks. If
you do not state diskette type, 5-1/4" will be assumed.

If after the evaluation period of 30 days you decide that this package
is not for you, please destroy all copies of it or give it to a friend
who may find it of use.


This evaluation package contains 16 files:

READ.ME - This file
DFD_DESC.TXT - Description of what DFD can do for you
DFD.DOC - Documentation
DFDEVAL.EXE - The DFD evaluation version.
DAD2SRCE.EXE - Data Dictionary to Source Code conversion program.
PASSCAN.EXE - Pascal Scanner program.
CSCAN.EXE - C Scanner program.
MSPA2DAD.EXE - MS Pascal to Data Dictionary conversion program.
TPAS2DAD.EXE - Turbo Pascal to Data Dictionary conversion program.
CIC2DAD.EXE - Computer Innovations C86 to Data Dictionary conversion pgm.
TC2DAD.EXE - Turbo C and Microsoft C to Data Dictionary conversion pgm.
DADUNIQ.EXE - Data Dictionary utility makes member names unique.
DFDEVAL.SCR - Display screen used by DFDEVAL.EXE
PASTYPES.H - Pascal Types to be included and used in C programs.
DEMO.REC - Demo record layout in Turbo Pascal.
DEMO.DB - Demo database (data file) stored in Turbo Pascal format.


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