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TSR programmer's utility - Move arrow about screen, coordinates are displayed to reflect the arrow's position.
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TSR programmer’s utility – Move arrow about screen, coordinates are displayed to reflect the arrow’s position.
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Contents of the ARROW.DOC file

ARROW.DOC, p.o., 8/11/89

Arrow.Com v 1.1 was sent to my BBS by its author, Don Bowen (who also
authored POPDBF) without documentation, so I'm writing this DOC to post
along with the program.

Arrow is an unloadable TSR which places an arrow on your screen, along
with the screen coordinates of the current location of the arrow.
Pressing sets a new origin and you'll see both absolute and
relative coordinates displayed on the screen. It is most useful in
creating screen designs and writing programs such as dBASE where you may
need to specify the screen coordinates of a SAY or GET.

You may move the arrow with the various arrow keys (naturally!), Home,
PgUp, PgDn, End, Tab, Shift-Tab. You may also use Ctrl-RightArrow or
Ctrl-LeftArrow. F9 changes the foreground color and F10 changes the
background color.

ARROW 1.10 (C) 1989 Bowen Software
All Rights Reserved
/H for help on options
Hotkey is RightShift /

Syntax: ARROW [arguments]

where arguments can be:

/H this help info
/N no help to conserve memory
/S enable snow checking
/U remove from memory

If you like this program and use it, register by sending
at least 10 dollars to:

Bowen Software
P.O. Box 2134
East Peoria, Illinois 61611

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