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IBIS is an Expert System Development Environment for the PC. Very nicely done, provides a full windowing programming enviroment.
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IBIS is an Expert System Development Environment for the PC. Very nicely done, provides a full windowing programming enviroment.
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BILL.KBS 17874 2504 deflated
CACHE.OVL 17600 6436 deflated
CALL.OVL 18016 7200 deflated
CAR.HYP 404 239 deflated
CAR.KBS 1174 452 deflated
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EDIBIS.EXE 190256 90243 deflated
EDITOR.DOC 17698 5092 deflated
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EXAMPLES.TXT 1036 481 deflated
EXPERT.OVL 35456 12913 deflated
FILES.OVL 7312 3490 deflated
HELP.OVL 3536 1778 deflated
HYPER.DBA 515 206 deflated
IBIS.DEF 2374 883 deflated
IBIS.DOC 179959 45758 deflated
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README.DOC 6803 2688 deflated
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Contents of the README.DOC file


IMPORTANT: IBIS may generate one or more errors when first
started. These errors are non-destructive. It attempts to
move to the directory defined in SETUP.DBA. If errors occur,
press F10 until all errors are cleared. Set the directory path in
the "Files" menu to the desired default directory and then select
the "Save Setup File" item from the "Options" menu. Press return
on "Setup.dba" to save the new setup file. The next time IBIS is
loaded it will use your default directory.

Version 3.0 Upgrade Upgrade/ User Guide addendum

IBIS V3.x does not replace V2.x. The addition of Image file
support makes a hard drive mandantory. IBIS V2.x will still run
on a floppy system. IBIS V3.x has been broken out into separate
OVL files to aide future maintenance and reduce memory
requirements ; OVL files must reside in the same directory with
IBIS.EXE. Version 2.x will no longer be upgraded however.

PCX Image files.

IBIS 3.x can display almost any resolution PCX format image file.
Upon reading and displaying the image IBIS will pause until a key
is pressed before resetting textmode output.


where filename is a pcx image file residing in the current directory
and MODE is a integer number representing the graphics mode to set.
The image must have been saved in this mode and the computer must
support the graphics mode.

Device MODE Resolution/colors

CGA 0 (320x200x4)
CGA 1 (640x200x2)
EGA 2 (320x200x16)
EGA 3 (640x200x16)
EGA 4 (640x350x2)
EGA 5 (640x350x16)
VGA 6 (640x480x2)
VGA 7 (640x480x16)
VGA 8 (320x200x256)
HERC 9 (720x348x2)

New extended VGA modes
XGA 10 Tseng(800x600x16)
XGA 11 Tseng(640x350x256)
XGA 12 Tseng(640x480x256)
XGA 13 Tseng(800x600x256)
XGA 14 Paradise(800x600x16)
XGA 15 Paradise(800x600x2)
XGA 16 Paradise(640x400x256)
XGA 17 Paradise(640x480x256)
XGA 18 Video 7 (800x600x16)
XGA 19 Video 7 (640x400x256)
XGA 20 Video 7 (640x480x256)
XGA 21 Video 7 (800x600x256)

Additional BECAUSE clause supported.

A list of clauses may be executed as a result of pressing a because
key at a question. While IBIS will allow both types of because
statements for a single expression to be typed in, only the first will
ever be executed.

because expression


because the_current_question
display" hello";

Additional enhancements

Windows from pressing the cache or because buttons are now scrollable.
This will allow full inspection of the contents. Scrollable windows
may be resized or moved about the screen by the user.


The educational version of IBIS is a shareware product. A fee of
$50.00 is requested to register this version. If you register
EDIBIS, you will be sent the next version of EDIBIS when it
becomes available. You will also be placed on our mailing list
for newsletters, etc. registered users of EDIBIS may purchase
IBIS professional for the difference in cost.

Schools & Universities. Student registration of IBIS Educational
is not mandantory, but suggested. Institutions may use IBIS
Educational for instructional purposes if:

1. One distribution copy is registered ($50.00) for the school
2. The instructor informs the students that registering is an

Instructors have permission to reproduce the media (disks) and
documentation for classroom distribution. Of other interest to
instructors; I have previewed portions of a textbook on expert
system technology using IBIS throughout. I'm not certain when
this book will go to print yet.

Saving Setup files:

All default and Custom setup features are built into the IBIS
environment from the "Options" sub-menu. The windows may be
sized, moved and colored from this menu. Directory information
must be set from the files menu. Saving the new setup file is
accomplished with the "Save Setup" item from the "Options" menu.
The default setup file is "SETUP.DBA". If the new environment
configuration is saved to this file, IBIS will use the new
configuration the next time it is loaded. The configuration may
be saved to a different filename, and then loaded from with a
knowledgebase with the "environ" command. Several environ files
may be defined and used in your knowledgebases.

Version 4.0

December 25 1989, Merry Christmas.

We were hoping to complete v4.0 by Xmas, but we will be just a
hair late. Version 4.0 presents a fixed and expanded users guide,
a hypertext engine, 3-d menus (shadowed), date/time access and
more. Deletions:

1) The DELAY function had been removed from the software but not
the manual. It no longer appears in the manual.

2) The SUBSUMED function has been removed because of lack of use
and utility (it was also quite confusing).

My new years resolution is to keep the manual, support documents,
and sample applications up to date, and to release at least two
more enhanced versions of IBIS this new year. All of the fixes
and enhancements to IBIS originate directly from IBIS users. All
the addendems from readme.doc files have been moved into the
manual. Much more text on individual functions has been added.
Much of this text is tutorial in nature, answering many "why"
questions. Many more sample files are provided


1. Hypertext engine.
2. Date and Time access
3. enhanced error trapping
4. shadowed windows and menus
5. periodic failsafe machine state capture. This option will
automatically save the state of the consultation. It must be
activated from the verbose log menu.

6. the manual has been updated, omissions handled, glossary

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