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A public domain version of Tim Bud's Little Smalltalk language. It is described fully in his book "A Little SmallTalk".
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A public domain version of Tim Bud’s Little Smalltalk language. It is described fully in his book “A Little SmallTalk”.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AT.MS 5400 2038 deflated
BASIC.ST 24606 5438 deflated
BUGS 2423 1138 deflated
COMP.C 998 493 deflated
ENV.H 2318 900 deflated
EXPLORE.MS 9256 3386 deflated
GENERAL.MS 7725 3327 deflated
IMAGE.C 9171 2856 deflated
IMAGEFIL 55882 22346 deflated
INSTALL.MS 6462 2704 deflated
INTERP.C 8817 2416 deflated
INTERP.H 838 373 deflated
LEX.C 5283 1618 deflated
LEX.H 923 421 deflated
MAIN.C 1968 789 deflated
MAKEFILE 1425 611 deflated
MAKEFILE.ORG 1596 661 deflated
MEMORY.C 12897 3993 deflated
MEMORY.H 5579 2207 deflated
MULT.ST 1675 653 deflated
NAMES.C 6272 2235 deflated
NAMES.H 1959 619 deflated
P.BAT 26 26 stored
PARSE.EXE 99436 24689 deflated
PARSE.LNK 73 71 deflated
PARSER.C 21249 4735 deflated
PRIMITIV.C 14300 3228 deflated
PROCESS.C 13834 3513 deflated
PROCESS.H 1084 494 deflated
READ.ME 1460 841 deflated
READ_ME 7997 3286 deflated
ST.EXE 117942 31105 deflated
ST.LNK 89 87 deflated
SUNIX 55882 22346 deflated
TEST.ST 3304 1118 deflated
TESTSCRI 11 11 stored
TODO 1080 597 deflated
TOP.MS 6499 2683 deflated
UNIX.ST 3296 1222 deflated
UNIX2.ST 1576 696 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Here isTim Budd's Little Smalltalk, Version 2. Version 2 is supposed
to be about 4 times faster thanversion1 and about half the code size.
The only thing given upwas multiprocessing. Much moreof smalltalk
is written in smalltalkinsteadof C. After a few changes I got it
runningon the PC usingMicroSoft C 4.0. I ranall thetests and have
been using it for a fewdays and there doesn't seem to be any problems.
To use just setthe environmentvariable EDITORto you your favorite
editor,and just type st. I suggest you get the book ALITTLE SMALLTALK,
by Timothy Budd, Addison-Wesley, 1987.This gives a good overview of
the Little Smalltalk syntax, however, the little smalltalk internals and
quite abit of the userand system interface described in the
book apply to version 1which is quite different from version 2.
To supplement the book you willfind several manuscriptfiles herein.

I hope you enjoy using this stuff. I am planning to doseveralthings
with it. FirstI am going to merge it with my DBMS to be used as a
commandlanguage. Secondly, I am goingto raise the maximum object
size. And lastly, I amhoping to create some sort of object swapping
to diskusing aleast recently used scheme. Have fun and let me know
if you do something interestingwith it.

Blake McBride
801 DelRio Pike #N3
Franklin, TN 37064
615-790-1088 (work)
615-790-8521 (home)

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